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Quarterback Pre Snap Reads

Mastering the Pre-Snap Routine: Unlocking the Secrets to Quarterback Success

The role of a quarterback extends far beyond just throwing the football. A significant part of a quarterback’s success lies in their ability to dissect defenses, identify potential blitzes, and make critical pre-snap adjustments. Developing a strong pre-snap routine is the key to gaining a competitive edge on the field. […]

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Mastering the Art of Throwing Accurately on the Run

Quarterbacking in football requires a great deal of skill and athleticism, particularly when it comes to throwing accurately on the run. As a quarterback, you need to be able to make quick decisions, read defenses, and execute throws under pressure. Throwing accurately on the run is a crucial skill that […]

pre snap reads

The Importance of Pre-Snap Reads for Quarterbacks: Tips and Strategies

The quarterback position in football requires physical skill and a high mental awareness and decision-making. One of the most important mental aspects of playing quarterback is making pre-snap reads, which involves analyzing the defensive formation and identifying potential blitzes or coverage schemes. This article will discuss the importance of pre-snap […]

7 qualities of a quarterback

7 Strong Qualities a Quarterback Must Develop

The quarterback is a key player in the offense when it comes to the game of football and they are responsible for leading their offense on every series to be successful. I’ve put together some of the key characteristics that are typically associated with being a successful quarterback which coaches […]

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Capital QB’s – Adding Different Type of Tag Blocks to the Run Game

Capital QB’s Quarterback Coach Ron Raymond talks about the different type of blocks you can tag on the run game, including Inside Zone or Power. Ready to learn more about the X’s and O’S of the game of football, make sure to sign up for Coach Ron’s Tuesday Night Zoom […]