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Mastering the Quarterback Role: The Balance of Practice and Game Performance

To every aspiring high school quarterback, it’s a question that often arises: Which is more vital, games or practices? The answer is both, but each serves its unique purpose in molding you into a successful player. Let’s dive deeper into the distinct importance of each and the key attributes you […]

Trusting your qb is key

Offensive Coordinators: Trusting Your Quarterback is Key

In the world of high school or community football, a strong bond between the offensive coordinator and the quarterback can be the difference between success and failure. The most essential element of this relationship is trust. An offensive coordinator should trust their quarterback to make the right read, allowing them […]

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Capital QB’s Women’s Quarterback Training Program: Beginners to Intermediate

For every aspiring female quarterback looking to solidify their foundation and master the core tenets of the game: Are you primed to elevate your gridiron prowess? Presenting our 3-month Winter Quarterback Training Program, tailored for beginners to intermediate level quarterbacks. Starting this January, these sessions, unfolding every Monday or Tuesday […]

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Quarterbacks: Finding Weakness and Strength in Zone vs. Man Coverage

The game of football has been constantly evolving, leading to an increasing complexity in defensive schemes. For a quarterback, understanding these schemes, particularly the differences between zone and man coverage, is essential. The ability to read the depth, analyze the first three steps of the defensive backs (DBs), observe the […]

QB Trust Your Eyes and Instincts

Trusting Your Eyes and Instincts: A Guide for High School Quarterbacks

Reading defenses effectively is a fundamental skill every quarterback must acquire to excel in their position. But more often than not, young QBs get overly absorbed in reading the fronts (blitz pressures) and secondary coverages that they miss out on taking advantage of wide open receivers. While understanding the defense […]

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Capital QB’s Girls Quarterback Program: Developing the Future of Female Quarterbacks

Capital QB is thrilled to introduce our girls quarterback program, specifically designed to develop and empower female quarterbacks of all ages. Focusing on teaching the basic fundamentals of the quarterback position, our program aims to create a strong foundation for young girls to build their skills and confidence in the […]

The Situational Leader

Capital QB’s 12 Types of Leaders – Part 12: The Situational Leader

In the final installment of our “12 Types of Leaders” series, we will analyze the approach of the Situational Leader. These quarterbacks excel at understanding the specific context of a game, adjusting their leadership style as needed to best address the needs of their team in different scenarios. The Situational […]

The Inspirational Leader

Capital QB’s 12 Types of Leaders – Part 3: The Inspirational Leader

In this third article of our “12 Types of Leaders” series, we will explore the unique qualities of the Inspirational Leader. These quarterbacks have overcome adversity or personal challenges and, through their resilience and determination, have inspired their teammates to do the same. The Inspirational Leader’s story serves as a […]