Capital QB’s Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission at Capital QB’s is to empower each quarterback with a deep understanding of the game, advanced technical skills, and a profound sense of leadership, thereby developing the ‘Complete Quarterback.'”

Vision Statement

Our vision is to develop quarterbacks who not only possess the full array of skills required for the game but are also sought after for their exceptional leadership abilities beyond football, exemplifying integrity and honor in all their endeavors.

Capital QB’s Philosophy (L.E.A.D.)

Embracing the L.E.A.D. Philosophy at Capital QB’s

In the competitive realm of football, where the pressure is immense and the stakes are high, the role of a quarterback transcends beyond just throwing the ball. At Capital QB’s, we understand this multifaceted demand and have crafted a unique philosophy that shapes our training and development approach – the L.E.A.D. philosophy. This guiding principle is not just a strategy but a commitment to nurturing well-rounded, dynamic quarterbacks who excel in every aspect of the game.

What is L.E.A.D.?

L.E.A.D. stands for Leadership, Extension of Plays, Athleticism, and Decision Making – four pillars that are crucial in the making of a quarterback who can not only face the challenges of the game but also rise above them.

  1. Leadership: The heart of a quarterback is their ability to lead. Leadership in the context of Capital QB’s is about more than just guiding teammates; it’s about inspiring confidence, demonstrating resilience, and setting a standard of excellence. We instill in our quarterbacks the importance of being a role model, both on and off the field, cultivating a sense of responsibility, and the ability to uplift those around them.
  2. Extension of Plays: The ability to extend plays is what separates good quarterbacks from great ones. Our training focuses on developing quick thinking and adaptability. When the standard play breaks down, it’s the quarterback’s moment to improvise and turn a potential loss into a gain. This skill is a blend of mental agility, physical prowess, and sheer determination.
  3. Athleticism: Physical fitness is non-negotiable for a quarterback. However, at Capital QB’s, we view athleticism in a broader spectrum. It’s not just about strength and speed; it’s about endurance, agility, and the capacity to perform under pressure. Our rigorous training regimen ensures that our quarterbacks are prepared to meet the physical demands of the game at any level.
  4. Decision Making: A quarterback must make split-second decisions that can change the course of the game. Our program emphasizes developing a deep understanding of the game, enabling precise, strategic decision-making. This skill is honed through a combination of tactical knowledge, experience, and an intuitive understanding of the game.

Our Commitment to the L.E.A.D. Philosophy

At Capital QB’s, the L.E.A.D. philosophy is more than just a set of guidelines; it’s a way of life. We are committed to embedding these principles in every aspect of our training and mentorship programs. By focusing on these four key areas, we aim to develop quarterbacks who are not only skilled and athletic but also leaders with a profound sense of responsibility and the ability to make smart, effective decisions under pressure.

The Impact of L.E.A.D.

The impact of the L.E.A.D. philosophy extends beyond the field. It shapes individuals who are equipped to face life’s challenges with confidence and integrity. Our quarterbacks emerge as leaders who inspire, athletes who excel, and individuals who make a difference.

In embracing the L.E.A.D. philosophy, Capital QB’s is not just training quarterbacks; we are molding individuals who will leave a lasting impact both in the game of football and in the game of life.