Philippe de Courville Nicol Baril , QB

Thank you coach, it was tons of fun but definitely had its ups and downs but I learned lots and gained from it all. Very thankful and proud of all the boys. I wanted to say a big thank you to you for your coaching as I saw an advantage off the bat in my throwing and overall comfort from the training we did.

Philippe de Courville Nicol Baril

  • Colonel By (2023 Silver Cup Champions)

Liv Lavoie
Liv Lavoie, QB

Working with coach Ron this year helped me improve so much throughout the season. His training sessions were so fun and I had a great time learning a lot of things that I’d never been taught before. He helped me tweak my throwing form which helped me get more power on my throw and better accuracy. He had great drills to work on my footwork and 3 step drop which I never really knew how to do properly before. I found these sessions helped me improve a lot and if it weren’t for this training I most likely wouldn’t have had as successful a season as I did. My Ottawa Hawks team won the U16 Provincials and I went on to play for Team Ontario at Nationals in Nova Scotia. I owe almost all my thanks to Ron for helping me so much and the support in making me a better player on the field through his training.

Liv Lavoie

Ottawa Hawks team won the U16 Provincials (2023)

Team Ontario Bronze Medalist (2023)

Capital QB's Flag

Darcy Lavoie, QB

Coach Ron Raymond has been my Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach for the last two years with the Orleans Dukes. Coach Ron has been able to develop my skill and showcase the best of my abilities by incorporating an offense that is simple but yet complex. The best quality Coach Ron has is the drive to always get better and improve as a coach; which is uncommon in the Ottawa area. He has gone to many coaching clinics and is unafraid to ask for help from University Coaches or other Coaches with extensive knowledge. He is not a coach with a big ego and is eager to listen to fellow coaches and players, in order to get the best possible result. Each season Coach Ron has improved as a coach and by doing so, he has helped each one of his players get the best of their abilities. I guarantee that no coach will work harder to improve you as a player than Coach Ron.

Darcy Lavoie

  • QB Acadia University (2013)
  • QB Cumberland Panthers (2011-2012)
  • QB Orleans Dukes (2011-12)

Tyler Scott, QB

At the end of the 2012 football season, I decided I wanted to work with a QB coach to fine-tune my mechanics (throwing & footwork) to help me improve my football skills and make me a better player.  I learned about Coach Raymond and started attending his Saturday morning sessions in April.  I look forward to my Saturday morning sessions and have learned a great deal.

Coach Ron is good natured, has a positive approach to coaching, is very organized, and runs effective drills for all of the QBs looking to improve their game.  I believe my speed and agility has increased as a result of the drills we do weekly.

Thank you Coach Ron for putting this Saturday morning QB club together.  You are instilling the key fundamentals and mechanics of being a champion quarterback of the future.

Tyler Scott

  • QB Bel-Air Norsemen
  • QB Bell Warriors (2012 Bantam)

Marcel Bellefeuille

Aspiring QBs will benefit immensely from attending Coach Raymond’s quarterback school. His commitment to teaching sound fundamentals and leadership will help players perform at a higher level.

Marcel Bellefeuille

CIS Vanier Cup winner and CFL Head Coach

Christian Veilleux, QB

I worked with Coach Ron one on one during the offseason and he thought me many of the basic skills I needed to learn to achieve my goal of becoming my team’s quarterback. I’ve always wanted to play the QB position and it’s a lot harder than it looks on tv. Coach Ron made me do several drills that I was able to practice on my own. I learned proper footwork, ball position and throwing technique. He thought me the fundamentals of the position and it gave me a great head start and a lot of confidence when I joined the team at training camp. I achieved my goal of becoming the team’s starting QB thanks to the help from Coach Ron. Thank you Coach Ron!!

Christian Veilleux, QB

Cumberland Panthers (Tykes)
2012 Gilchrist Conference Champions