Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

Darcy Lavoie, QB

Coach Ron Raymond has been my Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach for the last two years with the Orleans Dukes. Coach Ron has been able to develop my skill and showcase the best of my abilities by incorporating an offense that is simple but yet complex. The best quality Coach Ron has is the drive to always get better and improve as a coach; which is uncommon in the Ottawa area. He has gone to many coaching clinics and is unafraid to ask for help from University Coaches or other Coaches with extensive knowledge. He is not a coach with a big ego and is eager to listen to fellow coaches and players, in order to get the best possible result. Each season Coach Ron has improved as a coach and by doing so, he has helped each one of his players get the best of their abilities. I guarantee that no coach will work harder to improve you as a player than Coach Ron.

Darcy Lavoie

  • QB Acadia University (2013)
  • QB Cumberland Panthers (2011-2012)
  • QB Orleans Dukes (2011-12)
Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa