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Back Up Quarterbacks Shine

Embracing the Role: How Backup Quarterbacks Can Shine

Being the backup quarterback is not just about standing on the sidelines, clipboard in hand. It’s an essential position, one that requires mental fortitude, resilience, and leadership. To young high school quarterbacks finding themselves in this role, remember that every moment is an opportunity to grow, learn, and lead, even […]

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Enhancing Depth Perception for Quarterbacks: Training for Precision and Range

Enhancing Depth Perception for Quarterbacks: Training for Precision and Range Depth perception is pivotal for a quarterback. It’s the fine-tuned ability to judge the distance and spatial relationship of objects, a key component for accurate passes. Whether you’re aiming for a tight window between defenders or leading your receiver downfield, […]

QB’s Guide to Effective Pre-Snap Communication: Turning Observations into Successful Plays

The quarterback position is often heralded as one of the most demanding and crucial roles in football. A quarterback isn’t just an arm; he’s the cerebral center of the offense. While athletic prowess and throwing accuracy are paramount, a quarterback’s ability to communicate effectively before the snap can make or […]

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Mastering the Quarterback Role: The Balance of Practice and Game Performance

To every aspiring high school quarterback, it’s a question that often arises: Which is more vital, games or practices? The answer is both, but each serves its unique purpose in molding you into a successful player. Let’s dive deeper into the distinct importance of each and the key attributes you […]

2024 Quarterback Winter Training Program

Capital QB’s 2024 Winter/Spring Quarterback Training 2024: From Back ups to Starters

Capital QB’s, the leading name in quarterback training in Ottawa, proudly presents an unparalleled training program tailored for both Junior (10-13 yrs) and Senior (14-18 yrs) participants. Set to run from January to June 2024, this transformative program is your chance to harness your potential and ascend in the football […]

How to Improve Throwing

Quarterback Throwing Mechanics: The Perils of “Short Arming” and The Importance of Follow-Through

The quarterback position in football is widely considered the most critical and demanding on the field. Two crucial aspects of a quarterback’s success hinge on their throwing mechanics: the phenomenon of “short arming” and the significance of a proper follow-through. To elevate their game and deliver precision passes, quarterbacks must […]


High School Quarterbacks Wake Up Call: A Transition Every Aspiring Quarterback Should Understand

There’s a vast difference between being the star quarterback in high school and making your mark in university football. The transition isn’t just about upping your game; it’s about understanding the evolution of everything you thought you knew. Aspiring quarterbacks, this is your wake-up call. Coach Ron’s Top 10 Tips: […]

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Join Our 2024 Quarterback Training – Your Voice Matters!

Calling all aspiring quarterbacks and football enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming quarterback training sessions for the 2024 season that aims to sharpen your skills, boost your confidence, and take your game to the next level. But we need your valuable input to ensure that this camp caters […]

Trusting your qb is key

Offensive Coordinators: Trusting Your Quarterback is Key

In the world of high school or community football, a strong bond between the offensive coordinator and the quarterback can be the difference between success and failure. The most essential element of this relationship is trust. An offensive coordinator should trust their quarterback to make the right read, allowing them […]