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Mastering the Quarterback Role: The Balance of Practice and Game Performance

To every aspiring high school quarterback, it’s a question that often arises: Which is more vital, games or practices? The answer is both, but each serves its unique purpose in molding you into a successful player. Let’s dive deeper into the distinct importance of each and the key attributes you […]

How to Improve Throwing

Quarterback Throwing Mechanics: The Perils of “Short Arming” and The Importance of Follow-Through

The quarterback position in football is widely considered the most critical and demanding on the field. Two crucial aspects of a quarterback’s success hinge on their throwing mechanics: the phenomenon of “short arming” and the significance of a proper follow-through. To elevate their game and deliver precision passes, quarterbacks must […]


High School Quarterbacks Wake Up Call: A Transition Every Aspiring Quarterback Should Understand

There’s a vast difference between being the star quarterback in high school and making your mark in university football. The transition isn’t just about upping your game; it’s about understanding the evolution of everything you thought you knew. Aspiring quarterbacks, this is your wake-up call. Coach Ron’s Top 10 Tips: […]

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Join Our 2024 Quarterback Training – Your Voice Matters!

Calling all aspiring quarterbacks and football enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming quarterback training sessions for the 2024 season that aims to sharpen your skills, boost your confidence, and take your game to the next level. But we need your valuable input to ensure that this camp caters […]

Trusting your qb is key

Offensive Coordinators: Trusting Your Quarterback is Key

In the world of high school or community football, a strong bond between the offensive coordinator and the quarterback can be the difference between success and failure. The most essential element of this relationship is trust. An offensive coordinator should trust their quarterback to make the right read, allowing them […]

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Quarterback Guide: Perfecting Pre-Snap Decision Making

One of the most challenging roles on a football team is the quarterback position. They are responsible for understanding the playbook inside and out, making crucial decisions before the snap, and evaluating the defense to pick the best option. The complexity of the role cannot be underestimated, and the pressure […]

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The Quarterback and Offensive Coordinator: A Gridiron Partnership

The relationship between a quarterback and an offensive coordinator is one of the most intricate and essential bonds in football. This combination acts as the on-field and off-field minds that steer the direction of an offense. This article will delve into the importance of quarterbacks understanding the offensive coordinator’s strategies […]

Capital QB’s Senior Quarterback Training Program (14-18 yrs)

Capital QB’s is excited to introduce our rigorous quarterback training crafted specifically for our senior participants, set to take place from January, to June. To ensure optimum engagement and effectiveness, the program is categorized into: We are steadfast in our dedication to offering an unparalleled training experience. To that end, […]

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Capital QB’s Women’s Quarterback Training Program: Beginners to Intermediate

For every aspiring female quarterback looking to solidify their foundation and master the core tenets of the game: Are you primed to elevate your gridiron prowess? Presenting our 3-month Winter Quarterback Training Program, tailored for beginners to intermediate level quarterbacks. Starting this January, these sessions, unfolding every Monday or Tuesday […]

QB Trust Your Eyes and Instincts

Trusting Your Eyes and Instincts: A Guide for High School Quarterbacks

Reading defenses effectively is a fundamental skill every quarterback must acquire to excel in their position. But more often than not, young QBs get overly absorbed in reading the fronts (blitz pressures) and secondary coverages that they miss out on taking advantage of wide open receivers. While understanding the defense […]