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Quarterback Tip of the Day #19: Strategies for Evading Sacks

Avoiding sacks is a vital skill for any quarterback. Here are some strategies to help you evade sacks and keep the play alive:

  1. Quick Decision-Making: Develop the ability to make fast decisions. Know your routes and receivers well to quickly find open targets.
  2. Pocket Awareness: Understand your pocket’s shape and dynamics. Know when to step up or slide to avoid edge rushers.
  3. Footwork: Practice nimble footwork. Being able to move quickly and efficiently in the pocket can help you avoid tacklers.
  4. Reading Defenses: Before the snap, read the defense. Identify potential blitzes or rush schemes to anticipate pressure points.
  5. Escapability Drills: Incorporate drills that enhance your ability to escape pressure. Focus on agility and quick directional changes.
  6. Throwing on the Run: Work on your ability to throw accurately while moving. This can be a valuable tool when evading sacks.
  7. Use of Checkdowns: Sometimes, a short pass to a checkdown receiver is better than taking a sack. Keep your options open.
  8. Conditioning: Stay in top physical shape. Endurance and strength can help you withstand tackles and extend plays.
  9. Mental Toughness: Stay calm under pressure. Confidence and composure can often make the difference in high-pressure situations.

By mastering these strategies, you’ll be better equipped to evade sacks and become a more dynamic quarterback on the field.

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