Welcome to the QB IQ Challenge Series!

Are you ready to elevate your quarterback skills to the next level? The QB IQ Challenge Series is designed to sharpen your decision-making abilities, enhance your understanding of offensive and defensive strategies, and equip you with the knowledge to excel on the field. Before diving into our comprehensive online course, we invite you to take these five quizzes to assess your quarterback intelligence.

Ready To Test Your Decision Making?

Part 1: Mastering Quick Decisions

In this quiz, you’ll test your ability to make quick decisions on the field and analyze defensive formations to choose the best play. Take Quiz 1

Part 2: Deciphering Defensive Tactics

Quiz 2 delves into defensive strategies and coverages, helping you understand how to adapt your offensive game plan to counter different defensive schemes. Take Quiz 2

Part 3: Mastering Offensive Adaptations

Explore advanced offensive strategies and learn how to adjust your plays to exploit defensive weaknesses in Quiz 3. Take Quiz 3

Part 4: Advanced Strategies and Defensive Insights

Quiz 4 covers advanced offensive strategies and defensive insights, including QB run and pass checklists and defensive strengths and weaknesses. Take Quiz 4

Part 5: Mastering Defensive Readings and Audibles

In the final quiz, you’ll master the art of reading defensive formations and making audibles under pressure. Take Quiz 5

Ready to take your quarterback skills to the next level? Complete all five quizzes to unlock exclusive access to our online course and take the first step towards becoming a true quarterback mastermind!

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