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Off Season Quarterback Training Program at Capital QB’s

Dear Parents,

As you consider the next step in your child’s athletic development, especially in the quarterback position, we invite you to explore the transformative training experience at Capital QB’s. Quarterbacking is a multifaceted role that demands more than just precise throws; it requires a well-rounded athleticism that serves as the foundation for every play. At Capital QB’s, we take pride in cultivating athletes first, then honing their skills to excel at the quarterback position.

Building Athletic Foundations

Our offseason program is meticulously designed to enhance general movement skills. Young athletes engage in drills that improve their running techniques, change of direction, and overall body control. These fundamental skills are vital in developing the agility and presence needed to maneuver in the pocket and make dynamic plays.

Agility for Evasive Maneuvering

Agility is a quarterback’s best ally when facing the unpredictability of the game. Our drills aim to amplify your child’s quick-footedness and hip flexibility. Through shuttle runs and reactive exercises, we teach quarterbacks to dodge defenders with ease and adjust their stance with precision, making them unpredictable and formidable on the field.

Speed Beyond the Dash

Speed in quarterback training isn’t solely about the 40-yard dash. It’s about the speed of decisions made under pressure. Our training integrates sprinting with cognitive challenges to encourage quicker thinking and reaction times. This dual approach ensures that your child’s physical and mental responses are in sync, allowing for swift, smart plays.

Power and Strength to Lead the Game

A strong quarterback leads with power and resilience. Our strength training doesn’t just focus on muscle; it emphasizes functional fitness that translates directly to game performance. We prioritize exercises that build core stability and arm strength, ensuring that your child can deliver powerful throws and withstand the physical demands of the game.

Tailored Training for Every Age

Understanding that each age group has unique developmental needs, we’ve crafted specialized training regimens:

  • For ages 8-9, our program infuses fun with fundamentals, focusing on coordination and the basic mechanics of football.
  • Ages 10-13 will experience a more structured regimen, emphasizing technique refinement and introducing complex skill sets.
  • For ages 14-18, the training intensifies, preparing them for high-level competition with a focus on advanced strength, conditioning, and quarterback-specific skills.

Join the Capital QB’s Family

As you stand on the threshold of this exciting journey, we at Capital QB’s are ready to welcome your child into a program that values athletic growth and quarterback mastery. We believe in nurturing not just a quarterback, but a well-rounded athlete who brings strength, agility, and intelligence to every game.

We look forward to being a part of your child’s success on and off the field.


Coach Ron Raymond
The Capital QB’s Team

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