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Capital QB’s Women’s Quarterback Training Program: Beginners to Intermediate

For every aspiring female quarterback looking to solidify their foundation and master the core tenets of the game: Are you primed to elevate your gridiron prowess?

Presenting our 3-month Winter Quarterback Training Program, tailored for beginners to intermediate level quarterbacks. Starting this January, these sessions, unfolding every Monday or Tuesday (dates might be subject to change) from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, are your gateway to imbibe the essential skills and tactics, setting the stage for your journey in the quarterback domain.

At the heart of this program is Coach Ron Raymond, an 8-time champion with over three decades of football acumen. His extensive experience is now channeled to sculpt the next generation of female quarterbacks, ensuring each trainee acquires a strong foundational grip and progresses efficiently.

Training Highlights Include:

  1. QB Basics: Grasp the fundamental techniques of stance, grip, and basic throwing mechanics to ensure every pass counts.
  2. Reading the Field: Learn to understand basic defensive structures and how to react, making smarter decisions with the ball.
  3. Pocket Basics: Develop your footwork, feel for the pocket, and the primary skills to evade oncoming defenders.
  4. Building Leadership & Confidence: Start your journey to become the on-field general, learning to communicate, lead by example, and inspire teammates.
  5. Scenario-Based Drills: Engage in drills that simulate game-like situations to help transfer training ground skills to real match scenarios.

Capital QB’s Winter Program offers a nurturing environment, combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, ensuring every participant progresses confidently through their quarterback journey. With Coach Ron Raymond’s expertise, you’re ensured a holistic training experience that’s unparalleled.

Training Dates:
Watch out for the big reveal in August!

Please Note: To maintain the quality and ensure focused training, spots are limited to 8 players per group. Such a setting ensures each quarterback gets the undivided attention they require, laying down a robust foundation.

Begin your quarterback journey with the best in the business. Mark your calendar and be part of a transformative experience!

Location: Details to be revealed in August.

Kickstart Your QB Journey!

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