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Capital QB’s Girls Flag/Tackle Football Training Program

Are you passionate about flag or tackle football? Ready to refine your skills, strategy, and style on the field?

Step into the limelight with our specially designed 3-month Winter Flag/Tackle Football Training Program for girls, starting this January! We’ve set the stage for Monday or Tuesday (dates may change) sessions from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. This program is meticulously crafted to help you delve deep into the game’s nuances, offering dedicated coaching sessions that will polish and perfect your abilities.

Under the guidance of Coach Ron Raymond, an 8-time champion with over 30 years of football experience, you’ll be trained to the fundamentals in flag/tackle football scenarios.

What to Anticipate during the Program:

  1. Fundamental Skills: A deep dive into the essentials, like hand-eye coordination, swift footwork, and ball handling.
  2. Strategic Plays: Understand the game better with strategy breakdowns, positioning, and defensive/offensive gameplans.
  3. Team Dynamics & Communication: Learn the importance of teamwork, how to read plays, and communicate effectively during fast-paced matches.
  4. Agility & Fitness: Enhance your mobility and speed, crucial for flag and touch football, through specialized drills.
  5. Leadership & Confidence Building: Foster leadership qualities, boost in-game confidence, and understand the psychology of winning.

The Capital QB’s Winter Program promises a nurturing yet challenging environment for aspiring flag/tackle football enthusiasts. Under Coach Ron Raymond’s guidance, participants are sure to experience holistic growth in both skills and game understanding.

Training Dates:
Details to be revealed in August. Stay alert for updates!

Special Note: To ensure every participant receives a wholesome training experience, we are limiting our intake to 8 players per group. This ensures personalized coaching and undivided attention, setting the foundation for individual growth and ensuring each player maximizes her potential.

Dive into an enriching training journey tailored for the passionate flag/tackle football athlete in you. Book your spot and shine bright on the field!

Location: To be announced in August.

Stay Ahead of the Game!

For those eager to join, provide your contact details below to be notified as soon as registration opens.

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