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Capital QB’s Senior Quarterback Training Program (14-18 yrs)

Capital QB’s is excited to introduce our rigorous quarterback training crafted specifically for our senior participants, set to take place from January, to April. To ensure optimum engagement and effectiveness, the program is categorized into:

  • Winter Session: January to April

We are steadfast in our dedication to offering an unparalleled training experience. To that end, we are welcoming only 8 Senior quarterbacks for each session. This conscious choice ensures that our seasoned players receive intensive, personalized coaching, ensuring they not only master advanced techniques but also excel in their execution.

Within a setting that seamlessly merges challenge with encouragement, our senior training initiatives are designed to refine and perfect existing skills. Under the seasoned guidance of Coach Ron Raymond and his expert team, our older quarterbacks are poised for a transformative experience, one that ensures mastery and unparalleled growth.

Capital QB’s Senior Training Curriculum:

For our seasoned quarterbacks aged 14 to 18, eager to ascend to the pinnacle of their game, the off-season is a canvas of unparalleled growth opportunities. Delve into our thoughtfully designed senior training program that emphasizes agility, conditioning, and expertise:

  • Advanced QB Techniques: While every elite quarterback has a profound understanding of the basics, there’s always room for perfection. Our training goes beyond, honing crucial skills such as stance, ball grip, and arm angles, RPO Mechanics, readying our seniors to meet and exceed professional benchmarks.
  • Agility, Conditioning, and QB Footwork: In the senior league, agility coupled with conditioning is the key to dominance. Our curriculum is intensive, focusing on advanced techniques for drop speed, fostering unmatched movement fluidity, and expert strategies for pocket navigation. We ensure our seniors are not just agile but also conditioned to handle the physical demands of intense gameplay.
  • Mastering Arm Strength: The power behind each throw speaks volumes about a quarterback’s prowess. Drawing from our seniors’ experience, we tailor our training to fine-tune their arm strength, emphasizing the modulation of ball speed to deliver game-changing plays.
  • On-Point Accuracy: For a senior quarterback, every throw is a testament to their precision. We introduce them to cutting-edge techniques that guarantee that each throw, regardless of its complexity, is executed with unerring accuracy, allowing them to dictate ball trajectories with supreme confidence.
  • Legacy Leadership Training: At the senior level, a quarterback’s role transcends the game; it’s about carving a legacy. Our program delves deep into leadership nuances, covering the 12 Types of Leaders, instilling unwavering confidence, nurturing a culture of feedback receptivity, and refining communication skills. Our vision is clear: to mold not just top-tier players but the football legends of tomorrow.

About Coach Ron Raymond

Coach Ron

Capital QB’s was founded by 8-time champion Head Coach Ron Raymond of Ottawa, Ontario in June 2011. Coach Ron Raymond has played and coached the Quarterback position in the Ottawa area for over 30 years and has helped developed hundreds of amateur and university quarterback and players since he started the school in 2011. View Coach Ron’s Bio here!

Winter Training Dates (January to April):

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Attention! To uphold our hallmark of providing personalized coaching, our Winter and Spring Quarterback Training is capped at just 8 players per group. This intimate setting ensures each participant basks in focused attention, paving the way for individual progress and optimum skill enhancement.

Monday Training Location: La Vérendrye Catholic Elementary School

614 Eastvale Dr, Gloucester, ON K1J 6Z6

*Note: In case you have registration problems, contact us via email or call us at 613-291-4147.

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