Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

Capital QB’s Senior Quarterback Training Program (14-18 yrs)

Ottawa QB Training Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

Capital QB’s is excited to introduce our rigorous quarterback training crafted specifically for our senior participants, set to take place from January, to June. To ensure optimum engagement and effectiveness, the program is categorized into:

  • Winter Session: January to April (20 Sessions)
  • Spring Session: April to June (18 Sessions)

We are steadfast in our dedication to offering an unparalleled training experience. To that end, we are welcoming only 8 Senior quarterbacks for each session. This conscious choice ensures that our seasoned players receive intensive, personalized coaching, ensuring they not only master advanced techniques but also excel in their execution.

Within a setting that seamlessly merges challenge with encouragement, our senior training initiatives are designed to refine and perfect existing skills. Under the seasoned guidance of Coach Ron Raymond and his expert team, our older quarterbacks are poised for a transformative experience, one that ensures mastery and unparalleled growth.

Senior Training Curriculum: Sculpting the Elites

For our mature quarterbacks (14 to 18 yrs) poised for greatness, the off-season unveils a myriad of development avenues. Here’s a deep dive into our meticulously curated senior training plan:

  • QB Fundamentals: Every accomplished quarterback knows the intricacies of the basics. We delve deeper, reinforcing essential skills like stance, ball grip, and arm angles, prepping our seniors for professional standards.
  • QB Footwork: Mobility and responsiveness are paramount. Our senior curriculum accentuates advanced drop speed techniques, fluidity in movement, and expert pocket navigation, ensuring they are agile and responsive on the field.
  • Arm Strength: Commanding throws define a quarterback’s presence. We channel our seniors’ experience, guiding them to optimize their arm’s power, honing their ability to adjust ball speed for high-impact plays.
  • Accuracy: Pinpoint precision is the senior quarterback’s hallmark. Our methodology introduces advanced techniques, ensuring every throw lands precisely, allowing them to command varying ball paths confidently.
  • Leadership Training: At this stage, being a quarterback is about legacy and leadership. Our senior module places great emphasis on leadership dynamics (12 Types of Leaders), cultivating unwavering confidence, fostering receptivity to coaching insights, and honing impeccable communication. We aim to sculpt not just players, but the legends of tomorrow.
Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa
QBIQ Zoom Sessions

Attention all Senior QBs: It’s time to level up your game! Dive deeper into the strategic intricacies of football with our revamped “QBiQ” Virtual Training.

Take the QBIQ Quiz

Ready to take the QBIQ Free Quiz? Go here….

Over a span of 4 sessions, join Coach Ron Raymond as he employs our advanced Hudl account to break down film intricately, offering unparalleled insights and feedback. And that’s not all! As part of this training, you’ll also get an exclusive introduction to Capital QB’s renowned QBiQ online course over Zoom, which is included with your training.

This is more than just a training – it’s an opportunity to understand the game like never before, ensuring you’re not only physically ready but mentally prepped to tackle any challenge on the field.

Don’t miss out on this elite training opportunity! Enhance your quarterback IQ and register today.

Embark on this evolutionary journey with Capital QB’s. This is where seasoned talent meets elite training, and where the football legends of tomorrow take shape.

About Coach Ron Raymond

Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa
Coach Ron

Capital QB’s was founded by 8-time champion Head Coach Ron Raymond of Ottawa, Ontario in June 2011. Coach Ron Raymond has played and coached the Quarterback position in the Ottawa area for over 30 years and has helped developed hundreds of amateur and university quarterback and players since he started the school in 2011. View Coach Ron’s Bio here!

Winter and Spring Training Dates (January to June):

Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa
Capital QBs 2024 Training Dates Times

Winter and Spring Reserved Spots (Registration Now Open)

Once a player registers, their position is secured. You can view the number of remaining open slots for either the Winter or Spring Sessions below.

  • Winter Junior (10-13 yrs) Sessions Spots Left: (0 of 8 Spots available)
  • Winter Senior (14-18 yrs) Sessions Spots Left: (0 of 8 Spots available)
  • Spring Junior (10-13 yrs) Sessions Spots Left: (0 of 8 Spots available)
  • Spring Senior (10-13 yrs) Sessions Spots Left: (0 of 8 Spots available)

Attention! To uphold our hallmark of providing personalized coaching, our Winter and Spring Quarterback Training is capped at just 8 players per group. This intimate setting ensures each participant basks in focused attention, paving the way for individual progress and optimum skill enhancement.

Monday Training Location: La Vérendrye Catholic Elementary School

614 Eastvale Dr, Gloucester, ON K1J 6Z6

Tuesday Training Location: Voyageurs Catholic Elementary School

6030 Voyageur Dr, Orléans, ON K1C 2T1

2024 Registration Now Open

*Note: In case you have registration problems, contact us via email or call us at 613-291-4147.

Every player who signs up for a training session, will be fitted with a Dri Fit Shorts and Shirt.
*Please Note: Capital QB’s has an “All Sales Are Final Policy” and once a customers agrees to a training package of their choice, the sale is considered final. If you’re paying by credit card, your credit card statement will show up as “ATS STATS”.

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