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Capital QB’s Girls Quarterback Program: Developing the Future of Female Quarterbacks

Capital QB is thrilled to introduce our girls quarterback program, specifically designed to develop and empower female quarterbacks of all ages. Focusing on teaching the basic fundamentals of the quarterback position, our program aims to create a strong foundation for young girls to build their skills and confidence in the sport. If you’d like to be part of this groundbreaking initiative, join our mailing list today and stay informed about our program offerings.

The Importance of Starting with the Fundamentals

At Capital QB, we understand the value of starting with the basics. Our girls quarterback program is designed to introduce participants to the essential skills required to excel as a quarterback. By focusing on the fundamentals, we ensure that our students have a solid foundation on which to build their skills and knowledge, allowing them to progress confidently through their athletic journey.

Our program covers key components such as:

  1. Throwing mechanics: Proper grip, footwork, and follow-through are crucial for accuracy and power. Our coaches will work with participants to develop sound throwing mechanics, ensuring they are set up for success on the field.
  2. Reading defenses in Flag: Understanding the opposing team’s defensive strategies is vital for a quarterback. Our program will teach participants to analyze defenses and make smart decisions during gameplay.
  3. Leadership and communication: A quarterback’s ability to lead and communicate effectively with teammates can make or break a game. We will help our students develop the necessary leadership and communication skills to be successful both on and off the field.
  4. Physical conditioning: Agility, strength, and endurance are essential for a quarterback’s performance. Our program will focus on improving these aspects through tailored exercises and conditioning drills.

About Coach Ron Raymond

In June 2011, 8-time champion Head Coach Ron Raymond of Ottawa, Ontario founded Capital QB’s. With over 30 years of experience playing and coaching the Quarterback position in the Ottawa area, Coach Raymond has been instrumental in developing numerous amateur and university quarterbacks and players since the inception of the school in 2011.

Career Highlights

  • 8-Time Regular Season and Playoff Championships Wins
  • 4-Time City & Provincial Coach of the Year
  • International QB Coach Team Canada 2012
  • Ottawa Gee Gees QB & Receiver Coach
  • Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) GM 2015-2017

Join Our Mailing List Today

We are working out the final details of our program and if you are excited about the opportunity to join our girls quarterback program and learn the basic fundamentals of the position, sign up for our mailing list today. By joining the mailing list, you’ll stay informed about our program offerings, registration dates, and any upcoming events or opportunities, allowing you to be an active part of this innovative and empowering program for female athletes.

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