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Quarterback Every Day Drills (EDD’s)

Ottawa Quarterback Training

Daily Every Day Drills are a key part of a quarterback’s preparation and training, and can make a significant impact on their performance on the field. As a quarterback, it’s important to do daily drills for several reasons:

  1. Consistency: Doing daily drills helps to develop consistent habits and muscle memory, making it easier to execute proper technique in game situations.
  2. Improvement: Regular practice leads to improvement, and focusing on specific drills can help to address and correct any weaknesses in a player’s technique.
  3. Preparation: Daily drills can also help prepare a quarterback mentally and physically for game situations, building confidence and endurance.
  4. Refinement: Daily drills are an opportunity to refine and perfect technique, making subtle adjustments to increase accuracy and overall performance.

Quarterback Every Day Drills

Quarterback footwork drills are important because they help to develop proper mechanics and increase overall accuracy, speed, and quickness in the pocket. Good footwork is critical for quarterbacks to maintain balance, stay in control, and deliver accurate throws even under pressure.

Poor footwork can lead to inconsistent throws and decreased mobility, making it harder to evade defenders and make plays. Regular practice of proper footwork techniques helps to ingrain them into muscle memory, leading to improved performance in game situations.

Here are a few drills which will help improve your footwork and quarterback movement in and out of the pocket.

  1. Three-step drop drill: Improves footwork, quick release, and accuracy in short throws.
  • Roll out drill: Works on mobility, footwork and accuracy while throwing on the run.
  • Pocket movement drill: Improves pocket awareness and ability to navigate pressure.
  • Progressions drill: Enhances decision-making skills and recognition of different coverages.
  • Shotgun snap drill: Refines snap handling and footwork while in shotgun formation.

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