7 qualities of a quarterback

7 Strong Qualities a Quarterback Must Develop

quarterback qualities
7 Qualities of a Quarterback

The quarterback is a key player in the offense when it comes to the game of football and they are responsible for leading their offense on every series to be successful.

I’ve put together some of the key characteristics that are typically associated with being a successful quarterback which coaches look for when developing their “Field General”.

7 Qualities Coaches Look for in a Quarterback?

  1. Strong arm: A quarterback needs to have a strong arm to throw the ball accurately and with power.
  2. Football Intelligence: A quarterback must have a good understanding of the game, be able to read defenses, and make quick decisions.
  3. Leadership: A quarterback is often viewed as the leader of the team and should have strong leadership qualities.
  4. Poise: A quarterback must remain composed and focused, even in high-pressure situations.
  5. Mobility: A quarterback should have good footwork and mobility to avoid pressure and make plays on the run.
  6. Accuracy: A quarterback must be able to consistently throw accurate passes to the receivers.
  7. Durability: A quarterback must have the mental and physical toughness to play through injuries and take hits in the pocket.

These are some of the common traits that successful quarterbacks possess, but it is important to note that every quarterback is unique and different players excel in different areas.

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