Quarterback Online Training Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

CAPITAL QB’S “QBiQ” Virtual Training Course (Zoom Sessions)

Quarterback online training Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa
Quarterback Online Training Course

Next QBiQ Online Training Course: FEBRUARY 2024

Welcome to the Capital QB’s 5-Week “QB-iQ” Virtual Training” online education course, which is offered to players looking to understand offense and defense from an X’s and O’s point of view.

My name is Coach Ron Raymond and I’ve developed which I believe will be a great quarterback operating system for young quarterbacks looking to be a student of the game and use the tools provided to improve their play.

Critical thinking plays a big role in the development of quarterback play and this course will provide student athletes the ability to work on their decision making in real time.

The Capital “QB-iQ” Classroom zoom sessions will begin in early February 2024.

What does it take to be a complete Quarterback?

When you think of the quarterback position, you are talking about one of the toughest positions in sports to play. The quarterback skill set is a variety of physical and mental attributes a player must develop to be the ultimate leader for their team.

Quarterback Play is More than a Big Arm

The game of football is 90% mental and 10% physical and having the ability to use your critical thinking skills from Huddle to Snap and to use your “Quarterback Operating System” to “Scan, Analyze, and Decide” (S.A.D.) in 7 seconds through controlled chaos, is not an easy task.

Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

When you think of the skills needed to play the quarterback position, you must prioritize your training to strengthen those skill sets.

Biggest Mistake of Quarterback Training?

One of the biggest perception young players who want to play the quarterback position make, believe they need a big arm and mainly focus on the passing aspect of quarterback play. Being a complete quarterback is about understanding the game of football, making the right reads and learning how to be a student of the game.

Here’s a short list of qualities from a physical and mental perspective a quarterback must develop to be a leader at the toughest position in sports.

football Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

Quarterback Skills Sets Needed?

When coaches break down film after a game, it’s amazing how the percentage of distribution of RUN to PASS balance floats around the 50% mark. The goal of a complete offense is being able to spread the ball around, so every player is part of the offense and typically, you would like to have it at about 50% RUN and 50% PASS. (Perfect world!)

However, sometimes the circumstances during a game doesn’t allow it. I’ve broken down what a typical play call sheet will look like after a game, and you can see, being able to throw the football is not the only skill set required to play the quarterback position.

For each type of play, I’ve broken down the percentage of those plays used during a game and which skill set is needed from a mental and physical point of view to complete those tasks.

football plays Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

Capital QB’s 2024 Senior Quarterback Training Program (14-18 yrs)

Every player who signs up for a training session, will be fitted with a Dri Fit Shorts and Shirt.
*Please Note: Capital QB’s has an “All Sales Are Final Policy” and once a customers agrees to a training package of their choice, the sale is considered final. If you’re paying by credit card, your credit card statement will show up as “ATS STATS”.

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