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Developing Arm Strength for a QB?

Capital QBs Quarterback Training OttawaDeveloping Arm Strength: The key to developing arm strength is not necessarily on building muscle in your throwing arm, but to correct the way you throw a football. How many times have you seen a QB throw his arm out in practice and next thing you know he’s developed tendinitis or what we call “Tennis Elbow”.

Before you start hammering out “Curls” in the weight room, see a QB coach and correct on how you are throwing a football.

Throwing a football is an art and it all starts from your feet and in one in sync motion, everything from the feet, core, shoulder, elbow and arm should come together.

One of the best drills for Quarterbacks is the Statue of Liberty drills, where you take the football and hold it above your head in a 90 degree motion in your arm, then sink your hip and elbow at the same time and release. Make sure you make a circular motion in your throwing elbow, as you will bring the elbow back to the front and the arm will follow in one sweet pushing motion. It should be exactly like you’re throwing air!

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