Quarterback School

Capital QB’s Coaching Point: Follow Through on the Throw

Key Point: One of the main reasons a quarterback doesn’t hit their receivers; they might not completely follow through on their throws. In order to have a high completion percentage, quarterbacks have to put as much emphasis on the finish of the throw, just as much as they do at the beginning.

Understand, it’s very important to have a “start and stop” mentality when getting ready to throw. It’s crucial for young Quarterbacks to get their elbow above their shoulder on the backend of their throw and to fully extend the arm during the delivery. Once you’ve started to bring your throwing arm forward, recognize the ball will start rolling off your fingers while you rotate your torso forward and your head will have a slight lean down, which is natural during the complete follow through. Also, once you are on your down release, keep your non-throwing arm close to the core of your body, for balance purpose.

Another key point on your follow through is rolling off your back foot. Once your arm comes forward, you should be pushing and rolling off your back foot, which allows for more velocity and full extension on the throw. Upon completion of a throw, you should have your throwing arm extended forward with your fingers pointing downward.

A coaching point which was introduced to me a long time ago and is a favorite coaching point with QB coaches, tell the player they should be taking out loose change out of their far pocket.

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