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Capital QB’s Coaching Point: 2 Second Practice Hold

Coach Ron Raymond
Coach Ron Raymond

Key Point: Learning new technics can be very exciting for a young quarterback. In fact, most young quarterbacks are eager to learn new drills; they seem to rush or hurry a drill and in doing so, lose important factors in the mechanics of the drill. It’s important when you’re doing throwing drills, have the players concentrate in developing proper mechanics and use the 2 second rule.

Normally, when I’m teaching a young quarterback a new drill, I want them to wait 2 seconds before and after the throwing movement. This way, it allows the player to fully concentrate on the mechanics of the movement and it avoids any type of whiplash type movement after a throw.

Sometimes, quarterback are so eager to finish a throw, they will not complete the full movement and bail out of their force at the 80% point of the throw. Have them freeze for 2 seconds at the end of their movement, as though they were taking a picture.

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