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Quarterback Pre Snap Reads

Mastering the Pre-Snap Routine: Unlocking the Secrets to Quarterback Success

The role of a quarterback extends far beyond just throwing the football. A significant part of a quarterback’s success lies in their ability to dissect defenses, identify potential blitzes, and make critical pre-snap adjustments. Developing a strong pre-snap routine is the key to gaining a competitive edge on the field. […]

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Take the Capital QB’s Quarterback IQ Quiz – How to Read a Defense

Are you tired of throwing interceptions and missing out on big plays? Want to improve your quarterback skills and read defenses like a pro? Look no further! In this video, we take the Capital QB’s QBiQ quiz to learn the ins and outs of reading a defense. From understanding pre-snap […]

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Dome QB Training #4 – Footwork & Throwing Session (Louis Riel Dome)

Capital QB’s weekend sessions will be broken into two groups, younger (8-11 yrs) and older age groups (12-18 yrs) with their assigned QB coaches. The weekend quarterback sessions are 15 weeks in duration, while the first 8 weeks will be geared towards a teaching component to each workout, while Week […]

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Thursday Night Training #4 – Footwork & Throwing Session

The Thursday night training sessions are geared more towards the intermediate to advanced quarterbacks looking for more “One-to-one” training. Furthermore, you will be part of a small group of quarterbacks, as we like to keep a 1:8 coaching ratio. During the Thursday night sessions, players will be working on Quarterback […]