Passing Mechanics for Young QBs

Quarterback Tip of the Day #13: Passing Mechanics for Young QBs

Mastering the fundamentals of passing is crucial for young quarterbacks. Here are key aspects to focus on:

  1. Grip and Wrist Motion: Ensure a proper grip on the football. Your fingers should be spread comfortably with the thumb and index finger forming a ‘C’. Work on your wrist motion for a tight spiral.
  2. Stance and Footwork: Adopt a balanced stance with feet shoulder-width apart. Practice smooth, quick footwork to set up for a pass.
  3. Throwing Motion: Your throwing motion should be fluid and consistent. Focus on a full range of motion, extending the arm fully during the throw.
  4. Shoulder and Hip Alignment: Keep your shoulders and hips aligned towards the target when passing. This ensures accuracy and power.
  5. Follow Through: A good follow-through is key. Your throwing hand should end up pointing towards the target, with your weight shifted forward.
  6. Practice Different Throws: Work on various types of passes – short, medium, long, lob, bullet, etc., to become a versatile quarterback.

Remember, consistency is key. Regular practice and attention to these mechanics will greatly improve your passing game.

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