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Pre Snap Read Podcast with QB Coach Ron Raymond – Episode #7

🏈 Welcome to Episode #7 of the Pre Snap Read Podcast with your host and QB Coach, Ron Raymond! In this enlightening episode, we delve deep into the art and science of quarterbacking. 🌟

📝 Key Highlights:

  1. The Complete Quarterback Article: Dive into the insightful article I penned for Capital QB’s. We explore the 10 essential qualities every quarterback must possess to excel. From mental toughness to physical agility, get a comprehensive understanding of what makes a quarterback complete.
  2. High Low Concept Passing Play Analysis: Get a tactical edge with our in-depth breakdown of 3 video examples showcasing the high low concept passing play. These strategic insights are perfect for players and coaches aiming to enhance their gameplay.
  3. The Commanders Challenge Preview: Mark your calendars for April 21st, 2024! We talk about the upcoming Commanders Challenge set to take place at the Embrun Sports Dome. It’s a must-attend event for football enthusiasts and aspiring quarterbacks.

🎥 Each segment of this episode is packed with valuable lessons, tips, and strategies straight from the mind of a seasoned QB coach. Whether you’re a player, coach, or a fan of the game, this episode is tailored just for you!

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