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How to Be The Complete Quarterback at the Next Level

“Elevating to the Next Level: Key Qualities for Aspiring Provincial, CEGEP, Junior and USports Quarterbacks”

Transitioning from high school football to higher competitive levels such as Provincial, CEGEP, Junior or USports in Canada is a significant leap for any quarterback. This move demands a blend of exceptional physical skills and a comprehensive set of attributes that epitomize a “complete” quarterback. Here, we outline the top 10 qualities essential for high school quarterbacks to cultivate in order to excel at these advanced levels of play.

1. Leadership: The Quintessence of a Quarterback

Leadership at higher levels of football becomes even more critical. A quarterback must embody confidence and set a standard for teammates both on and off the field. This role extends beyond gameplay; it’s about being a leader who uplifts the entire team, leading by example, and being vocal when necessary to foster a positive team environment.

2. Decision Making: The Heart of Advanced Play

The ability to make quick and accurate decisions is paramount. This skill involves reading more complex defenses, selecting the right plays, and making smart choices under the increased pressure characteristic of higher-level football. The pace and intensity demand a quarterback with exceptional decision-making abilities.

3. Football IQ: Mastery Beyond Basics

A profound understanding of football, including strategies, plays, and opponent tendencies, is crucial. Quarterbacks aspiring to succeed at the Provincial, CEGEP, or USports levels should immerse themselves deeply in the game, understanding its nuances and intricacies at a level beyond high school football.

4. Accuracy: A Non-Negotiable Skill

At these advanced levels, the ability to deliver the ball accurately to receivers, taking into account their routes and defensive coverages, is critical. Accuracy in passing is a skill that can significantly impact game outcomes in high-pressure situations.

5. Arm Strength: A Balanced Approach

While arm strength is essential for making all necessary field throws, it must be balanced with accuracy and decision-making skills. The ability to execute a variety of throws with strength and precision is a key component of a quarterback’s skill set.

6. Mobility and Agility: Key to Evasion (Extend the Play)

Mobility and agility are invaluable, particularly against faster and more aggressive defenses. A quarterback’s ability to maneuver in the pocket, evade defenders, and gain yards with their legs is a significant advantage at the Provincial, CEGEP, and USports levels.

7. Work Ethic: Foundation of Success

A relentless work ethic is a prerequisite for success in higher-level football. This includes unwavering dedication to physical training, film study, and practice, all of which are vital components of success on the field.

8. Mental Toughness: Thriving Under Pressure

The ability to remain composed under the intense scrutiny and pressure of advanced-level football is essential. Mental toughness includes the capacity to bounce back from mistakes and handle the mental challenges of the game.

9. Communication Skills: The Art of Clarity

Effective communication is critical. A quarterback must communicate clearly and authoritatively with coaches and teammates, particularly in the high-stakes and often noisy environments of advanced football games.

10. Team-First Attitude: The Spirit of Collegiate Football

Prioritizing team success over individual glory is crucial. A quarterback should embody a team-first attitude, fostering unity and spirit, which is essential for thriving in the team-centric environment of advanced football.

For high school quarterbacks aspiring to reach Provincial, CEGEP, Junior or USports levels, developing these ten qualities is imperative. While natural talent is beneficial, it is the cultivation of leadership, decision-making, football IQ, accuracy, arm strength, mobility, work ethic, mental toughness, communication skills, and a team-first attitude that truly prepares a quarterback for the rigors and challenges of advanced-level football. Through dedicated coaching, practice, and experience, these skills can be refined, setting the stage for a successful transition and a prosperous football career at higher levels.


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