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Pre Snap Read Podcast with Special Guest Coach Jamie Barresi – Jan 24th (7pm)

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Topic: Pre Snap Read Podcast with Special Guest Coach Jamie Barresi
Time: Jan 24, 2024 07:00 PM

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Pre Snap Read Podcast with Coach Jamie Barresi – (01/24/24)

1. **Introduction and Light-hearted Anecdote (5-10 minutes)**

   – Warm introduction by Coach Ron Raymond.

   – Coach Barresi shares his background, a humorous story, or an interesting fact.

2. **Coach Barresi’s Coaching Philosophy (10-15 minutes)**

   – Discussion on his comprehensive coaching philosophy.

   – Insights into his unique approach to 3 Down Football in Canada.

3. **Quarterback Development in Canadian Football (15-20 minutes)**

   – Essential skills and training focus for quarterbacks.

   – Emphasis on off-season training for young quarterbacks.

4. **Pre Snap Read Strategies in Canadian Football (15-20 minutes)**

   – Discussion on effective pre-snap read strategies.

   – Advice on reading defenses and making pre-snap adjustments.

5. **Implementing Quarterback-Friendly Offenses (10-15 minutes)**

   – Exploration of two quarterback-friendly passing concepts.

   – Impact of these concepts on quarterback and team offense development.

6. **Audience Q&A Segment (15-20 minutes)**

   – Initial questions covering diverse aspects:

a). **Qualities in Quarterbacks**: “What specific qualities do USports football programs typically look for in their quarterbacks?”

b). **Balancing the Playbook**: “How do you balance complexity and simplicity in your playbook to maximize a quarterback’s effectiveness in the Canadian game?”

c). **Utilizing Motion and Space**: “Given the pre-snap motion rules and wider field in Canadian football, how do you train quarterbacks to capitalize on these elements?”

d). **Handling Pressure**: “What strategies do you employ in coaching quarterbacks to handle the unique pressures and challenges of Canadian football, both on and off the field?”

e). **Career Advice**: “What key advice would you offer to young quarterbacks aspiring to excel in Canadian football?”

   – Open the floor for additional audience questions.

7. **Closing Remarks and Future Perspectives (5-10 minutes)**

   – Coach Barresi shares his thoughts on the future of quarterbacks in Canadian football.

   – Closing thoughts and episode wrap-up by Coach Ron Raymond.

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🌟 Coach Jamie Barresi: A Pillar in Canadian Football
Get ready for an exclusive episode with Coach Jamie Barresi, a distinguished figure in Canadian football known for his deep coaching expertise and impressive playing background. Join us as we delve into his rich legacy in coaching and playing.

🏆 Coaching Career Highlights:

  • Grey Cup Champion: Celebrating his strategic acumen as part of the BC Lions’ 2006 Grey Cup-winning coaching staff.
  • University of Ottawa Achievements: Reflecting on his successful tenure as head coach of the Ottawa Gee-Gees, where he led the team to a notable 35-21 record.
  • Impact in the CFL: Recognizing his extensive contributions to team strategies and player development across various CFL clubs.

🏈 Foundational Playing Experience:

  • Discover how Barresi’s playing days as a quarterback for the Ottawa Gee-Gees fueled his insights and coaching career.

📈 Current Role: Shaping Future Stars:

  • As the QB Coach for the McMaster Marauders, Barresi continues to influence and mentor the next generation of quarterbacks, bringing his wealth of experience to one of Canada’s premier football programs.

🔥 On the Pre Snap Read Podcast:

  • Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Jamie Barresi. His journey from the field to the coaching sidelines is packed with invaluable lessons and insights for anyone passionate about football coaching and quarterback development.

📅 When: January 24th | 7 PM EST
Tune in for an engaging and enlightening session that’s a must-listen for coaches, players, and football enthusiasts alike.

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