QB Camp

Capital QB’s Presents 2024 Commanders QB Camp (April 21st, 2024)

Capital QB’s Announces the 2024 Commanders QB Camp

Capital QB’s is excited to announce the highly anticipated 2024 Commanders QB Camp, specifically designed for aspiring quarterbacks (both boys and girls) aged 12-18 years. This exclusive event, limited to only 30 participants, promises an intensive session aimed at sharpening your skills, boosting your in-game IQ, and readying you for higher levels of competition.

Event Details:

  • Date: April 21st, 2024
  • Time: 12 PM to 3 PM
  • Venue: Embrun Sports Dome
  • Cost: SOLD OUT

Meet the Coaches

Commanders Quarterback Camp 2024 Overview

Welcome and Kickoff

  • Introduction to the day with a focus on the camp’s goals and values.
  • Briefing on the camp structure and expectations.

Dynamic Warm-Up

  • Engage in a variety of warm-up exercises designed to prime athletes for peak performance.
  • Emphasis on preparing both body and mind for the day’s activities.

Fundamental Skills Circuit

  • Rotate through stations aimed at enhancing fundamental quarterback skills.
  • Activities will cover agility, technique, and position-specific skills.

Skill Development

  • Break into groups for targeted skill development sessions.
  • Coaches will provide personalized feedback to help refine each player’s technique.

Advanced Techniques Workshop

  • Introduce advanced concepts and techniques suitable for aspiring quarterbacks.
  • Implement drills that simulate real-game scenarios and decision-making.

Competition and Challenges

  • Participate in friendly competitions designed to put new skills to the test.
  • Challenges will assess progress and encourage camaraderie among participants.

Cool Down and Reflection

  • Cool down with stretching and recovery activities.
  • Reflect on the day’s learning and set goals moving forward.

Closing Remarks

  • Final thoughts and takeaways from the coaching staff.
  • Acknowledgment of standout performers and next steps for continued development.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to train under expert guidance and take your quarterbacking abilities to the next level. For those ready to secure their spot, the registration form is available at the bottom of the page. Act now to be part of this transformative experience at the Commanders QB Camp.