PSR Podcast episode 6

Episode #6 of Pre Snap Read Dive into the Low High Concept with Coach Ron Raymond

Quarterback enthusiasts, gear up for the sixth episode of our engaging podcast series, “Pre-Snap Read,” led by the experienced QB Coach Ron Raymond of Capital QB’s. This episode is a treasure trove of quarterbacking wisdom, focusing on making swift and accurate decisions before the snap.

🔥 Episode #6 Highlights:

  • The 6-Point Checklist: Coach Ron delves deep into this crucial checklist, showing how quarterbacks can use it to make the right call quickly before the snap.
  • Strategic Breakdown of Ohio Play: Explore the High Low concept of the Ohio play with detailed film analysis of two key plays.
  • Practical and Proven Tips: Coach Ron shares a wealth of tips and tricks to help quarterbacks enhance their game. This episode is packed with actionable advice that you can directly apply to your plays.
  • Film Notes for In-Game Application: Learn how to translate these film notes into successful plays on the field.

🏈 Why This Episode Is a Must-Watch:

  • Enhance Your Tactical Skills: Ideal for quarterbacks looking to improve their pre-snap decision-making and overall play.
  • Learn from an Expert: Benefit from Coach Ron Raymond’s extensive experience and insightful coaching methods.
  • Apply What You Learn: Take these lessons and integrate them into your game for noticeable improvements.

🌟 Train with Coach Ron Raymond:

  • If you’re in the Ottawa/Gatineau region, seize the chance to train with Coach Ron Raymond in the off-season. Elevate your skills with hands-on coaching from one of the best in the field.

💬 Join the Conversation:

  • Share your thoughts on the episode and how you plan to implement these strategies in your game. Let’s discuss and grow together!

🔗 Spread the Word:

  • Help us reach more aspiring quarterbacks by sharing this episode. Let’s build a community of knowledgeable and skilled players!
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