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Introducing “Pre-Snap Read” with Quarterback Coach Ron Raymond!

Attention football fans, coaches, and aspiring quarterbacks! Get ready to elevate your game with our brand-new daily video podcast series, “Pre-Snap Read,” presented by Capital QB.

Join us each day for a 5-minute deep dive into the art of quarterbacking, led by renowned coach Ron Raymond. We’re dissecting one play at a time, offering you an insider’s look into the strategic world of quarterback pre-snap reads.

What to Expect:

  • 📊 Daily Play Analysis: We pick one play from our Gatineau Gaulois season in the NCAFA, Ottawa. You’ll see the formation, the play, and then we’ll roll the tape.
  • 🧠 Interactive Learning: Viewers are invited to guess the pre-snap read. Where should the quarterback go on this play? Test your skills and knowledge!
  • 📈 Capital QB’s 6-Point QB Operating System: We delve into the nuances of quarterbacking, covering everything from down and distance, field awareness, recognizing defensive setups, to making swift, decisive calls.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Down and Distance – Play call and cadence strategies.
  2. Field Dynamics – Understanding safety positions and coverage types.
  3. Efficiency – Opting for the shortest, most effective throws.
  4. Protection Insights – Identifying key defensive players and adjusting for protection.
  5. Blitz Predictions – Reading safety positions and line-of-scrimmage activity.
  6. Decision Making – Confidence in choosing a side and sticking to it.

“Pre-Snap Read” isn’t just a podcast; it’s a learning experience that offers a unique perspective on quarterback play, combining theory with practical, real-game scenarios.

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👀 Watch, Learn, and Play Smarter with “Pre-Snap Read” – Where understanding the game begins before the snap!

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