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Capital QB’s – RPO Sally Routes in the Run Game

Welcome to Capital QB’s, Coach Ron Raymond talks about “Sally Routes” in this video and how they are used in the “Read – Pass -Option” game known as (RPO’s). Interested in Training with Coach Ron?

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Capital QB’s – Game Management Tips (The 2-Minute Drill)

In this segment, Quarterback Coach Ron Raymond of Capital QB’s talks about key game management tips near the end of the half or game. Coach Ron says it all the time in these videos, the mental part of the game is what separate the great quarterbacks from the good quarterbacks. […]

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Capital QB’s – Your Best Receiver vs. Their Best DB?

Capital QB’s quarterback Coach Ron Raymond talks about different ways to get the football to your best receiver who is having a hard time vs. their best defensive back. Get more quarterback and offensive tips at Capitalqbs.com.

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Capital QB’s – How Do you Beat Match Coverage?

In this segment, Coach Ron of Capital QB’s gives a brief description on what is match coverage in the defensive secondary and how you can beat it on offense. Lear more about offense and defense by following Coach Ron Raymond at Capitalqbs.com.

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Capital QB’S – Why Are They In Cover 0?

Capital QB’s Coach Ron Raymond has developed a 5-hour QB Operating System video and in this segment, Coach Ron talks about why defenses would go in a COVER 0 look, and how you as the QB or offensive Coordinator can defend Cover zero!

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QB Movement on a Rollout

Coach Ron Raymond of Capital QB’s talks about different pressures defensive coordinators will bring to an offense, when they know they have a right-handed quarterback, while the ball is placed on the left hashmark. Plus, Coach Ron provides a quality tip to young quarterbacks on what to do when they get to the “apex” of a rollout!

Football Lingo on Offense

Football Offensive Lingo terms

Coach Ron gives an introduction to some of the basic universal terms used by an offense and how it simplifies learning the playbook. CAPITAL QB’S “QB-iQ” Virtual Training Course (Zoom Sessions) Welcome to the Capital QB’s 5-Week “QB-iQ” Virtual Training” online education course, which is offered to players looking to […]