Football Lingo on Offense

Football Offensive Lingo terms

Coach Ron gives an introduction to some of the basic universal terms used by an offense and how it simplifies learning the playbook.

CAPITAL QB’S “QB-iQ” Virtual Training Course (Zoom Sessions)

Coach Ron Raymond

Welcome to the Capital QB’s 5-Week “QB-iQ” Virtual Training” online education course, which is offered to players looking to understand offense and defense from an X’s and O’s point of view.

My name is Coach Ron Raymond and I’ve developed which I believe will be a great quarterback operating system for young quarterbacks looking to be a student of the game and use the tools provided to improve their play.

Critical thinking plays a big role in the development of quarterback play and this 5-week course will provide student athletes the ability to work on their decision making in real time.

The Capital “QB-iQ” Classroom zoom sessions will begin on January 17th, 2023. We are offering 3 group sessions in the first half of 2023, so if you can’t make the first 5-week course, you can always register for the next group class.

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