High School Level Footwork Drills

Quarterback Tip of the Day #7: High School Level Footwork Drills

Today, let’s enhance your footwork, quarterbacks! Solid footwork is essential for maintaining balance, agility, and effective play execution. Here are some footwork drills tailored for high school quarterbacks:

  1. Ladder Drills: Boost your agility and coordination with various patterns in agility ladder exercises. Fast, accurate steps are crucial.
  2. Cone Drills: Set up cones and work on different movements around them, such as shuffles, rolls, and sprints. This mirrors game movements and improves your spatial awareness.
  3. Dropback Drills: Regularly practice your three, five, and seven-step dropbacks. Concentrate on the rhythm and balance of each step for quick and efficient pocket movement.
  4. Rollout Drills: Train in rolling out to both your left and right sides. This will better your ability to throw while moving and adapt to changing game scenarios.
  5. Plyometric Drills: Incorporate plyometric exercises like box jumps and bounding drills. These enhance your explosive power and foot speed, crucial for dynamic plays.

Consistent practice is the key. Regular drills lead to more fluid and instinctive movements during games!

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