Developing Quick Release Timing

Quarterback Tip of the Day #6: Developing Quick Release Timing

Today’s focus for our budding quarterbacks is on a critical skill: Developing Quick Release Timing. A quick release can be the difference between a successful pass and a sack. It’s all about efficiency and speed.

Here’s your playbook for developing a quicker release:

  1. Grip and Stance: Start with a firm, comfortable grip and a balanced stance. Your readiness impacts your release speed.
  2. Shorten the Motion: Work on shortening the distance your arm travels. The shorter the motion, the quicker the release.
  3. Strengthen Your Wrist and Forearm: Strong wrists and forearms contribute to a faster release. Incorporate specific strength exercises into your training.
  4. Practice with Purpose: Use drills that simulate game scenarios. Focus on releasing the ball quickly after making your read.
  5. Film Study: Watch footage of quarterbacks known for quick releases. Observe and learn from their techniques.

Remember, a quick release isn’t just physical; it’s mental too. Anticipate, react, and execute swiftly!

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