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Quarterback Tip of the Day #17: Implementing Effective Play Actions

Play actions can be game-changers, but they require skill and finesse. Here are key points to master effective play actions:

  1. Sell the Fake: Convincingly fake a handoff to the running back. Your body language should mirror a real handoff to deceive the defense.
  2. Quick Footwork: Develop swift and precise footwork. This aids in a seamless transition from the fake handoff to the passing stance.
  3. Eye Discipline: Keep your eyes on your target area, not the ball. This helps maintain the illusion of a run play and keeps defenders guessing.
  4. Timing: Practice the timing of your handoff and pass. The success of play action depends on perfect synchronization between these elements.
  5. Offensive Line Coordination: Work closely with your O-line. They need to sell the run while protecting you for the pass.
  6. Utilize Various Formations: Implement play actions in different formations to keep the defense off-balance.
  7. Play to Your Running Game’s Strengths: The more effective your running game, the more believable your play actions will be.
  8. Practice Under Pressure: Simulate game-like pressure in practice to improve your execution during actual games.

Master these aspects to make your play actions a powerful tool in your quarterback arsenal.

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