Capital QB’s 6-Point Quarterback Operating System

(You have 20 seconds to Scope, Analyze and Decide from Huddle to Snap)

Respect is Not Given, it’s Earned

6-Point Quarterback Operating System

Prior to the snap, the Quarterback has 20 seconds to scope, analyze and decide what the defense is giving them. Here’s a quick run down on what the QB needs to determine within seconds before the snap on a passing play.

6-Point Quarterback Operating System Checklist

1Down and Distance – (Dictates the Play Call and Cadence)
2Middle of the Field Open or Closed (How Many Safeties – Cover 1/3 or 2/4 or Match)
3Stairs and Cushions – Take What They Give You – Always look for the Shortest Throw
4Box Call – Protection Call – Identify the MIKE LB – Lookout for a 7-Up Call
5Blitz Snitch? Is The Free Safety Down Low? Any Creepy Crawlers at the LOS?
6Pick A Side & Live With Your Decision!

Middle of Field Closed

Middle of the Field Closed

Middle of Field Open

Middle of the Field Open

Stair Case and Cushions


Box Call – Protection Call (Identify The Mike LB)


Blitz Snitch – Is the F/S Down Low or Out of Place?

Blitz Snitch

Pick a Side and Live with the Decision

quarterback movement rollout

Coverage Weakness & Beaters

COVER 1Vertical and Horizontal Game – Look For The Best Matchup and Cushions
COVER 2Run and Quick/Screen Game – Take Advantage of Space and Numbers
COVER 3Seams and MOF – Hit the Seams before 14 Yards
COVER 4Quick Game and Screens – Normally Seen Before a Half or End of Game
MATCHRun and Quick/Screen Game – Nickle and Dime Them & Be Patient
COVER 1Verticals, Corners and Mesh (Rub Routes)
COVER 2Counters, Outside Zones, Slants, Hooks, WR Screens
COVER 3Curl Flats, Smash, Digg Routes
COVER 4Slants, Hooks, Screens (WR or TB)
MATCHSlants, Hooks, Screens (WR or TB)

Box Call – Protection Call – Identify the Mike LB


Fronts Recognitions

Coverage Recognition (Strength & Weaknesses)

Types of Fronts 
What is a 3-4 Defense?3 Defensive Lineman & 4 LBS – More LB’s Outside Bubble Gaps in the Box
What is a 4-3 Defense?4 Defensive Lineman & 3 LBS – Less LB’s to the Outside
What is a 5-2 Defense?5 Defensive Lineman & 2 LBS – Outside – Called a “BEAR FRONT”
Double DogsBoth Defensive Tackles are lined up in both A Gaps – Double Dogs
Eagle FrontEagle front is when 3 defensive linemen in a 3-4 defense are lined up inside the Tackles.
1-TechNormally DT lined up Inside shoulder of the Offensive Guard
2-TechNormally DT lined up head-to-head with Offensive Guard
3-Tech Normally DT lined up on outside shoulder of the Offensive Guard

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