2024 Quarterback Winter Training Program

Capital QB’s 2024 Winter/Spring Quarterback Training 2024: From Back ups to Starters

Capital QB’s, the leading name in quarterback training in Ottawa, proudly presents an unparalleled training program tailored for both Junior (10-13 yrs) and Senior (14-18 yrs) participants. Set to run from January to June 2024, this transformative program is your chance to harness your potential and ascend in the football realm.

📅 Program Schedule:

  • Winter Session: January to April – (20 Sessions)
  • Spring Session: April to June – (18 Sessions)

Exclusive Opportunities:

  • Limiting each session to just 8 quarterbacks, we offer a promise: intense, individualized coaching sessions ensuring every player, be it junior or senior, not only understands the nuances but masters them on-field.

Distinguishing Features:

  1. QB Fundamentals: Dive deep into the basics. From perfecting stances and grips for our juniors to refining these for our seniors, we ensure every player builds from a strong foundation.
  2. QB Footwork: Agility is the name of the game. Both our programs highlight the critical aspects of movement, ensuring pocket mastery and impeccable footwork.
  3. Arm Strength: Learn to command your throws. Juniors discover their arm’s potential, while seniors optimize for high-impact plays.
  4. Accuracy: Consistency is key. From introducing techniques to our juniors to advanced methods for our seniors, every throw will be precise.
  5. Leadership Training: More than just play, it’s about leading. From budding junior leaders to seniors ready to leave a legacy, we instill the essence of leadership in every quarterback.

Choose Your Path:

  • Comprehensive Winter & Spring Programs available for both Juniors and Seniors.
  • Flexible Monday-only or Tuesday-only options for players with specific preferences.
  • Specialized rates tailored to your chosen path, ensuring value at every step.

Guided by the unparalleled expertise of Coach Ron Raymond and his seasoned team, step into an environment that’s as challenging as it’s nurturing. With over 30 years of experience in Ottawa, Coach Ron has molded hundreds of quarterbacks, from amateurs to university players.

It’s more than just training; it’s a transformation. At Capital QB’s, we recognize potential, nurture it, and elevate it, setting the stage for football’s emerging stars and legends.

Book Your Spot Now! Let 2024 be the year your football dream takes flight! 🚀🏈

Register for the 2024 Quarterback Training Program Here

Every player who signs up for a training session, will be fitted with a Dri Fit Shorts and Shirt.
*Please Note: Capital QB’s has an “All Sales Are Final Policy” and once a customers agrees to a training package of their choice, the sale is considered final. If you’re paying by credit card, your credit card statement will show up as “ATS STATS”.

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