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Tennis Ball Drill Helps QB Accuracy

Does your Quarterback have a tendency of missing their targets on a consistent basis?

Some of the hardest throws to make for a young Quarterback are the horizontal throws, the 10 yard outs or 12 yards dig routes. If you find your Quarterback can’t seem to find his target on a simple 5 yard curl, then it’s time you address and review his throwing motion.

In the series of articles I’ve written, you’re already aware I’m a footwork QB coach first and throwing second. . In my view, footwork is like the foundation of a house, if you can’t find proper balance with your footwork, the rest of the frame will be unstable. In order to have stability, you need to have balance from head to toes.

However, there are many reasons why a QB will sail or under throw a receiver and one reason I have found is because they are not closing their non throwing shoulder. If you have access to camera or even an iphone, film your Quarterbacks mechanics during a throw and keep an eye out on his non throwing shoulder and arm. If he has a tendency of “early releasing” his non throwing hand off the football, then you will noticed the elbow will fly out and now you have the old chicken wing problem.

In order to fix the Chicken Wing, you have to find a practice method of getting them to keep the non throwing elbow in. Therefore, I’ve found by placing a tennis ball below their non throwing arm pit during drills, helps keep everything tight to the body. In fact, by having the tennis ball between their arm and ribs, keeps their feet shoulder width apart and allows for a more concentrated throw, because now they are paying attention to their target and they don’t want to drop the tennis ball.

This way, if you have a flame thrower who wants to throw 100 miles per hour each time they load up the arm, you’ll notice by placing the tennis ball below the arm pit, they’ll have more control during the “push and pull” technique and extra concentration awareness on the follow through, because they will not want to drop the ball.

Hope this tip helps your Quarterback this season.


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