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Snap, Snatch, Load, and Throw Technique for Quick Game

Quarterback Spring Training Starts April 3rd

As a young high school quarterback, understanding the importance of proper footwork and drops is crucial for executing quick game routes out of the shotgun formation, such as slants, hooks, ins, and outs. Many young quarterbacks tend to take a three-step drop, but that won’t cut it when it comes to the quick game. The “Snap, Snatch, Load and Throw” technique must be executed properly to deliver an accurate and timely pass to your receivers.

The first step to executing a quick game throw is to work with your center to get a timely snap. With a right-handed quarterback, the center can work on a slight right-handed snap to the quarterback’s right side to help quickly get the ball in the throwing hand. As for southpaws, the center would then work on the left side. No matter if you have a Right or Left handed quarterback, it takes practice to master the snap from center to get that ball exactly where the quarterback wants it to start the domino effect!

Once you have the ball, it’s essential to snatch it from mid-air and try to find the laces if possible. Next, rock and load your back foot by transferring your weight to it and getting ready to deliver a strike with proper weight transfer forward on the throw.

When delivering the ball, aim to hit your receiver in the facemask, and know that sometimes you may have to throw the ball when the receiver’s eyes are not yet engaged with you. As the quarterback, you need to have active eyes in the pocket, knowing you may have to throw the ball as the receiver is running their routes; look for their plant foot along with the sinking hips on their cuts to ensure the timing of the route is executed precisely.

The quick game requires a different approach than other types of routes. Instead of taking a three-step drop, the “Snap, Snatch, Load, and Throw” technique must be mastered. This approach allows the ball to be delivered accurately and on time to your receiver.

It’s important to remember that footwork and drops are critical components of executing the quick game. Proper mechanics help quarterbacks quickly get the ball out of their hands, and the receiver can make a play. Practicing these mechanics during training or indies in practice will help young quarterbacks develop the skills necessary to execute the quick game effectively.

Mastering proper footwork and drops for quick game routes out of the shotgun formation is essential for young high school quarterbacks in today’s game. Remember to work with your center to get a timely snap, snatch the ball from mid-air, rock and load your back foot, and deliver an accurate pass to your receiver. You can become a skilled quarterback and lead your team to success with practice and dedication.

Quarterback Spring Training – Starts April 3rd

spring training
Quarterback Spring Training Starts April 3rd

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