The Crucial Role of Quarterbacks in Football:

The Crucial Role of Quarterbacks in Football: Learning and Adapting Through the Season

Quarterbacks hold a pivotal position in any football team. As the team’s offensive leader, their performance can make or break a season. A successful quarterback possesses physical prowess and technical skills and exhibits adaptability and the ability to learn from their mistakes. This article will discuss the importance of quarterbacks […]


Commanding the Field: Body Language Tactics for Quarterbacks in Training

Aspiring young quarterbacks must pay close attention to their body language when making a lasting impression during practice and securing a spot on a football team. This non-verbal communication can reveal a player’s mindset, confidence, and overall potential to coaches and teammates. Here, we explore the importance of body language […]

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Unleash Your Full Potential: Capital QB’s Comprehensive Quarterback Training

Capital QB’s will be offering a well-rounded off-season training program for quarterbacks that covers multiple areas of development, such as QBIQ, strength and conditioning, speed training, and more. Our program is structured to enable quarterbacks at all skill levels to achieve their maximum potential with customized training plans designed to […]

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Developing Leadership Skills as a Quarterback

College and High School football is a highly competitive environment, and the ability to lead your team can be the difference between winning and losing games. As a quarterback, developing leadership skills is crucial to your success on the field and future career prospects. Here are some strategies for developing […]

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Mastering the Art of Throwing Accurately on the Run

Quarterbacking in football requires a great deal of skill and athleticism, particularly when it comes to throwing accurately on the run. As a quarterback, you need to be able to make quick decisions, read defenses, and execute throws under pressure. Throwing accurately on the run is a crucial skill that […]

pre snap reads

The Importance of Pre-Snap Reads for Quarterbacks: Tips and Strategies

The quarterback position in football requires physical skill and a high mental awareness and decision-making. One of the most important mental aspects of playing quarterback is making pre-snap reads, which involves analyzing the defensive formation and identifying potential blitzes or coverage schemes. This article will discuss the importance of pre-snap […]

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Snap, Snatch, Load, and Throw Technique for Quick Game

As a young high school quarterback, understanding the importance of proper footwork and drops is crucial for executing quick game routes out of the shotgun formation, such as slants, hooks, ins, and outs. Many young quarterbacks tend to take a three-step drop, but that won’t cut it when it comes […]


How Football Maturity Sets the Best Quarterbacks Apart

As a high school quarterback, your role goes beyond what you do on the field. Football maturity is not just about how you handle yourself during games. It’s also about how you conduct yourself off the field. It’s important to positively contribute to your community and be a reliable and […]