Girls Flag Program

Capital QB’s Girls Flag Football Training Program (12-19 yrs)

Capital QB’s is excited to announce the launch of our pioneering girls flag football training program, catering exclusively to young female athletes aged 12 to 18 years. This program is set to commence at Franco Cite from January 27th to April, occurring every Saturday from 10 am to 11 am.

Our dedication to fostering a high-caliber training experience is unwavering. That’s why we’re extending an invitation to a limited number of participants—ensuring each athlete receives personalized, focused coaching. This program is uniquely designed to amplify the skills and confidence of our participants in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Under the expert guidance of Coach Ron Raymond and his dedicated team, our athletes will embark on a transformative journey, sharpening their skills and embracing the essence of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Capital QB's Flag
Capital QB’s Girls Flag Program

Capital QB’s Girls Flag Football Curriculum:

Our specialized curriculum is tailored to inspire and challenge our young athletes, preparing them to excel both on and off the field:

  • Core Flag Football Techniques: We begin with the essentials, teaching the intricacies of flag football from the ground up. Our athletes will learn the critical elements of the game, ensuring they have a solid foundation upon which to build.
  • Speed and Agility Training: Recognizing the importance of agility in flag football, our program places a strong emphasis on developing quick, nimble, and strategic movements that give our players an edge during play.
  • Arm Strength and Control: In flag football, control is just as important as power. Our training sessions focus on enhancing throwing power while maintaining precision, ensuring our athletes can make those crucial plays when it counts.
  • Accuracy and Precision: We hone the skills necessary for our athletes to execute accurate throws consistently, instilling the confidence to handle any in-game scenario with poise.
  • Leadership and Team Building: Beyond physical skills, we nurture the qualities of leadership and teamwork. Our curriculum covers essential leadership principles, empowering our athletes to become influential figures both on the field and in their communities.

Join the Capital QB’s family and be a part of a program that’s not just about playing the game—it’s about changing the game for young female athletes. Witness the rise of the next generation of flag football stars.

About Coach Ron Raymond

Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

Capital QB’s was founded by 8-time champion Head Coach Ron Raymond of Ottawa, Ontario in June 2011. Coach Ron Raymond has played and coached the Quarterback position in the Ottawa area for over 30 years and has helped developed hundreds of amateur and university quarterback and players since he started the school in 2011. View Coach Ron’s Bio here!

Winter Training Dates:

Training season is over for the winter and spring, see you in January.

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  • Capital QB’s Dri Fit T-Shirt: Designed for performance and comfort, our Dri Fit T-Shirt keeps you cool and dry, whether you’re training hard or leading your team to victory.
  • Matching Shorts: Complement your T-Shirt with our stylish and comfortable shorts, perfect for any training session.
  • Capital QB’s Tuque: Cap off your look with our branded tuque, a fashionable and practical accessory for any athlete.
Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa
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Attention! To uphold our hallmark of providing personalized coaching, our Winter and Spring Quarterback Training is capped at just 8 players per group. This intimate setting ensures each participant basks in focused attention, paving the way for individual progress and optimum skill enhancement.

2024 Registration Now Closed

Saturday Training Location: Franco Cité High School

623 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 1N7

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