summer quarterback training

Quarterback Training for the Summer

Dear Ottawa Area Quarterbacks, Capital QB’s is excited to announce an upcoming series of football training sessions designed to help passionate players like you elevate their skills and unlock their true potential on the field. If you’re looking to enhance your football abilities, learn from experienced coaches, and connect with […]

quarterback mental toughness

Winning the Mind Game: Mental Preparation and Confidence for Quarterbacks

A quarterback’s performance on the field is not only dependent on their physical abilities but also on their mental game. The pressure and expectations placed on quarterbacks can make mental preparation and confidence essential components of their success. In this article, we will explore the impact of a quarterback’s mental […]

Proper Mechanics

Staying on Target: Maintaining Proper Mechanics for Quarterbacks Throughout the Season

For a quarterback, maintaining proper throwing mechanics is essential for delivering accurate passes and ensuring peak performance throughout the season. Many factors can impact a quarterback’s mechanics, including arm fatigue, inconsistent release points, and injuries. In this article, we will discuss the importance of maintaining proper mechanics, identify common issues […]

qb receiver

Creating a Winning Connection: Building Chemistry Between Quarterbacks and Receivers

In football, the relationship between a quarterback and their receivers is critical to the success of an offense. A strong rapport between these players can lead to big plays, high-scoring drives, and ultimately, victories. Conversely, miscommunication and a lack of chemistry can result in missed opportunities and costly turnovers. In […]

Quarterback Decision-Making: Understanding the Percentage Plays

In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of football, a quarterback’s ability to make quick and accurate decisions is critical to the success of the offense. This article will explore the three key areas a quarterback should assess before making a throw: high, low, and check-down game. Furthermore, we will discuss the […]

quarterback training

The Two Sides of Quarterback Training: Off-Season vs. In-Season?

For quarterbacks, the off-season and in-season are two very different worlds. The off-season is a time for individual skill development, while the in-season is all about team-based skill development and applying those skills in a live game situation. Let’s explore the key differences between off-season training and in-season training for […]

decision making

Thriving Under Pressure: Decision-Making Strategies for Quarterbacks

In the high-stakes, fast-paced world of football, quarterbacks face immense pressure to make split-second decisions that can ultimately determine the outcome of a game. Making sound decisions under pressure is a critical skill for quarterbacks to develop in order to excel in their position and lead their team to success. […]

footwork drills

Perfecting Your Game: The Importance of Footwork Fundamentals for Quarterbacks

Footwork is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of a quarterback’s skillset. Proper footwork is essential for accurate passes, quick decision-making, and overall quarterback performance. In this article, we will delve into the significance of proper footwork for quarterbacks, identify common errors, and offer solutions to help quarterbacks enhance their […]

quarterback reading defenses

Mastering the Art of Reading Defenses: A Guide for Quarterbacks

A quarterback is often referred to as the “field general” of a football team, as their primary responsibility is to orchestrate the offense, making crucial decisions before and during each play. One of the most vital skills a quarterback must possess is the ability to read defenses effectively. In this […]