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Veteran Football Coach and Experienced Bilingual TV Sports Analyst

Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa
Ron Raymond with Dan Mooney

In the dynamic field of sports commentary, there are commentators who don’t just narrate the game but bring it alive, transforming each broadcast into a compelling narrative of strategy and performance. Ron Raymond, a veteran football coach and experienced bilingual TV sports analyst, is one such talent. With his career deeply rooted in both coaching and broadcasting, Ron demonstrates a dedication to the sport that shines through in every role he undertakes.


More than three decades ago, Ron Raymond embarked on his football journey in Ottawa, rising through the ranks to become a celebrated coach in the late 80’s with the then Ottawa Trojans. In 2011, he utilized his quarterback expertise to found Capital QB’s, where he has since been instrumental in developing the careers of countless amateur and university players.

Additionally, Ron’s contributions extend beyond the playing field to the broadcasting booth. Since 2015, he has been a reliable voice for Rogers TV 22 & Rogers TV 23 (French), delivering insightful commentary on a broad range of games from high school to university level in the Ottawa area.

Coaching Highlights:

Coach Ron’s philosophy is influenced by his military background, emphasizing preparation and teamwork as pillars of a successful season. His methodology has resulted in significant success, as evidenced by his eight championship wins and four City & Provincial Coach of the Year titles. He has also held prestigious roles such as the International QB Coach for Team Canada in 2012 and the QB & Receiver Coach for the Ottawa Gee Gees.

Broadcasting Highlights:

Ron Raymond’s proficiency as a sports analyst is demonstrated by the depth and diversity of games he has covered. These include:

  • Providing commentary and analysis for numerous high school football championships.
  • Serving as a color commentator for the celebrated 2017 Panda Game.
  • Offering insights during the extensive 2023 Women’s U18 National Championship, where he covered 12 games over three days.
  • Broadcasting the 2018 OFFSAA Bowl games, covering nine matches within three days.
  • Covering an extensive range of provincial football games.

Additionally, Ron has provided his expertise for various other games for Rogers TV 23, showcasing his bilingual capabilities.

Broadcasting Career:

Ron’s bilingual broadcasting career is as remarkable as his coaching, having been a TV Sports Analyst for Rogers 22 (English) and Rogers 23 (French) Communications since 2015. His commentary provides viewers with unique insights into amateur and university football. A highlight of his broadcasting career was calling the Panda game in 2017 between the Carleton Ravens and the Ottawa U Gee Gees.

Current Endeavors:

Continuing his dedication to the sport, Ron is shaping the future generation of quarterbacks through his training programs at Capital QB’s. He also served as the Gatineau Gaulois U19 Offensive Coordinator for the 2023 season.

Final Whistle

On the field or behind the mic, Coach Ron Raymond exhibits unmatched leadership, expertise, and enthusiasm. His role extends beyond being a commentator—he’s a coach, mentor, and key figure in the football community. His extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge, and proven track record make him a valuable addition to any broadcast team seeking to amplify their football coverage. If you’re in search of a color commentator with professional insight and firsthand experience, Ron Raymond is prepared to step up to the task.

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