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QB Longest Throw Competition

The QB Longest Throw Competition showcases a quarterback’s raw arm strength and ability to launch deep passes, a critical component in stretching the field and creating big-play opportunities. It’s not just about power; technique, grip, and body mechanics play significant roles, making this competition a true test of a quarterback’s throwing capabilities.

Longest Throw Contest (30 Points Total)

  • Objective: Demonstrate arm strength by achieving the longest throw from a stationary position within the pocket.
  • Method: Participants will throw from a designated area, aiming to achieve the maximum distance.
  • Scoring:
  • 50+ yards = 30 points
  • 40-49 yards = 20 points
  • 30-39 yards = 15 points
  • 20-29 yards = 10 points
  • 10-19 yards = 5 points
  • Less than 10 yards = 0 points The scoring is based on the distance bracket into which the throw falls.
  • Rules:
  • Attempts: Each quarterback is allowed two attempts, with the best throw counting towards their score.
  • Throwing Area: The throw must be made from within a marked pocket area. Stepping out before the throw is completed leads to disqualification.
  • Measurement: Distance is measured from the throwing line to where the ball first touches the ground.
  • Throw Style: Only traditional forward passes are allowed. Sidearm or underhand throws are not permitted.
  • Stationary Position: Quarterbacks must throw from a stationary position without a running start.
  • Official Measurement: The distance will be officially measured and recorded by event staff.
  • Best Attempt: The longest of the quarterback’s two attempts will be used for scoring.