Medicine Ball Slam Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

Medicine Ball Slam

Through the Medicine Ball Slam Challenge, the Commanders Challenge emphasizes the necessity of explosive strength and core stability in the making of a well-rounded quarterback. It’s a test of power, endurance, and the ability to maintain high-intensity effort – all attributes that define a quarterback’s physical preparedness for the demands of the game.

Medicine Ball Slam (30 Points Total)

  • Objective: Perform as many overhead medicine ball slams as possible within the time limit to demonstrate explosive power and core strength.
  • Time Limit: 1 minute.
  • Method: Participants will use a standard-weight medicine ball, lifting it overhead with arms fully extended, then forcefully slamming it down to the ground.
  • Scoring System:
  • 0-10 Slams: 10 points total.
  • 11-20 Slams: 20 points total.
  • 21+ Slams: 30 points total. Points are awarded based on the total number of slams completed within these ranges.
  • Rules:
  • Form: Participants must lift the ball fully overhead with arms extended for each slam.
  • Pick Up: The ball must be picked up from the ground after each slam; catching it on the bounce is not permitted.
  • Designated Area: All slams must be performed within the designated area to count.

This challenge aims to assess participants’ explosive strength and core endurance. The medicine ball slam is an effective way to measure these attributes, and the scoring system ensures a fair and standardized evaluation for all participants.