Quarterback Effort Level

Effort Level: Giving 100% effort in every practice or game is contagious; when you kick in that second effort gear, teammates who are “all in” will follow your lead! You should never be told to pick it up, because there’s always somebody watching you!

Athletic Mobility: Quarterbacks are running more Zone Reads these days; therefore, they must be mobile enough to move fast out of the pocket, while making a decision on their read key. Athletic Mobility not only gives quarterbacks confidence to escape pressure, but keeps the defense honest to respect your evasiveness. In order to have mobility, quarterbacks must have speed, coordination and balance which can make you a triple option threat.

Here’s where cross training can really help your mobility, I recommend players play basketball. Doug Flutie was a good basketball player and he felt by playing basketball, really helped his athletic mobility, because most of the moves he would make on a football field were almost duplicated on a basketball court. Plus, I feel dribbling a basketball is great for eye-hand coordination and could help with your forward passing skills.

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