Capital QB’s – Quarterback Skill & Development Workshop

Is your school or organization committed to nurturing the growth of your quarterbacks, both physically and mentally? Quarterback Coach Ron Raymond is available to provide an exceptional training experience tailored to your athletes’ needs. Enhance their performance on the field and unlock their full potential by bringing Coach Raymond’s expertise to your institution. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in the future success of your young athletes.

Workshop Overview: The Quarterback Skill & Development Workshop is a concise, 3-hour program to provide junior and high school quarterbacks with the fundamental skills and knowledge to elevate their game. Our experienced instructors will deliver a focused and efficient workshop, ensuring participants maximize their time.

Here’s an outline for a one-day, three-hour quarterback school workshop:

  1. Introduction
  • Introduction of Coach Ron Raymond and his background as a quarterback coach.
  • The goals and objectives of the workshop.
  • Review the agenda for the day.

2. Fundamentals (30 minutes)

  • Basics of quarterbacking, including stance, footwork, grip, and throwing motion.
  • Demonstrate proper technique and provide improvement tips.
  • Time for participants to practice and receive feedback.

3. Reading Defenses (30 minutes)

  • The importance of understanding defensive schemes and coverages.
  • Overview of common defensive alignments and coverages.
  • How to read a defense pre-snap and post-snap.
  • Time for participants to practice and receive feedback.

4. Decision Making (30 minutes)

  • The importance of making quick and accurate decisions as a quarterback.
  • Common decision-making situations, such as identifying the open receiver, deciding when to throw or run, and avoiding turnovers.
  • Proper decision-making techniques and provide improvement tips.
  • Time for participants to practice and receive feedback.

5. Mechanics (30 minutes)

  • The finer points of quarterback mechanics, such as footwork, release point, and arm angle.
  • Proper technique and provide improvement tips.
  • Time for participants to practice and receive feedback.

6. Film Study (30 minutes)

  • Game film of successful quarterbacks and discuss what they did well.
  • Game film of participants and provide feedback on areas for improvement.
  • The importance of film study for improving as a quarterback.

7. Q&A and Wrap-Up

  • Answer any remaining questions from participants.
  • Summarize the key takeaways from the workshop.
  • Information on how participants can continue to improve their quarterback skills.

Overall, this workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of quarterbacking and the knowledge and tools to continue improving their skills.

About Coach Ron Raymond

In June 2011, 8-time champion Head Coach Ron Raymond of Ottawa, Ontario founded Capital QB’s. With over 30 years of experience playing and coaching the Quarterback position in the Ottawa area, Coach Raymond has been instrumental in developing numerous amateur and university quarterbacks and players since the inception of the school in 2011.

Career Highlights

  • 8-Time Regular Season and Playoff Championships Wins
  • 4-Time City & Provincial Coach of the Year
  • International QB Coach Team Canada 2012
  • Ottawa Gee Gees QB & Receiver Coach
  • Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) GM 2015-2017

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