Sprint Roll Out Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

Sprint Roll Out

In football, a quarterback’s ability to move and throw accurately is just as important as their ability to throw from a static position. The Quarterback Movement Drills in the Commanders Challenge are designed to evaluate and enhance this crucial aspect of quarterback play. The ability to execute accurate passes while on the move is a test of a quarterback’s agility, control, and precision. The Quarterback Movement Drills assess these dynamic skills.

QB Sprint Roll Out (40 Points Total)

  • Objective: Execute accurate throws to a designated target while performing a sprint roll-out.
  • Method: Quarterbacks will perform a sprint roll-out to both their throwing and non-throwing sides, aiming for downfield targets.
  • Scoring:
  • 5 points are awarded for each accurate throw to the designated target.
  • Maximum Points: With six attempts (three to the right and three to the left), a total of 30 points can be earned.
  • Bonus: An additional 10 bonus points for hitting all six targets accurately.
  • Rules:
  • Attempts: Each quarterback has 6 attempts to hit the target.
  • Execution: The roll-out must be performed as directed, simulating a game-like movement.
  • Consistency: Participants must maintain the roll-out motion until the throw is released.
  • Target Distance: Targets will be placed at a challenging yet achievable distance, and clearly marked.
  • Time Limit: Throws must be completed within a typical 30-second time limit per attempt.

This challenge assesses a quarterback’s ability to maintain accuracy and control while on the move, mimicking game situations where quick lateral movement and precise throwing are crucial. The setup and scoring are designed to evaluate each participant’s adaptability and skill in dynamic play scenarios.