RPO CHALLENGE Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

Quarterback RPO Game

The QB RPO (Run-Pass Option) Contest is a crucial component of the Quarterback Movement Drills in the Commanders Challenge, designed to evaluate a quarterback’s decision-making skills and precision in a dynamic play scenario.

QB RPO Contest (30 Points Total)

  • Objective: Demonstrate decision-making skills and precision in executing a Run-Pass Option play.
  • Method: Participants will simulate receiving a snap, making a read, and then executing a seam throw over the ‘linebackers’ area into a target zone.
  • Scoring:
  • 5 points are awarded for each accurate seam throw.
  • Maximum Points: With six attempts, a total of 30 points can be earned.
  • Rules:
  • Decision-Making: Quarterbacks must clearly demonstrate a decision-making process, simulating a handoff or keeper before throwing.
  • Attempts: Each quarterback will have 6 throws (Left & Right) during the RPO segment to score points.
  • Target Zone: The target zone will be clearly marked, and the ‘linebackers’ area will be represented with markers or dummies.
  • Time Limit: Throws must be completed within a set time limit per attempt, typically 30 seconds, to replicate game-time pressure.
  • Judging: Judges will assess the accuracy of each throw and ensure the RPO action is correctly performed.