1-Step Quick Game

1-Step Quick Game

In the Commanders Challenge, the Quarterback Accuracy “Quick Game” Drills are not just challenges but also learning opportunities, enabling quarterbacks to assess and improve their precision, an attribute that can be the difference between a good quarterback and a great one. These drills are a cornerstone of the Challenge, reflecting our commitment to nurturing well-rounded, skilled athletes capable of making smart, precise plays on the field.

1-Step Quick Game (50 Points Total)

  • Objective: Showcase accuracy by hitting designated targets at varying distances.
  • Method: Quarterbacks will execute a 1-Step drop or Shuffle Step from a stationary position, throwing at targets placed at 5 yards (closer targets – Boundary Side) and further specified distances (farther targets – Field Side).
  • Scoring System:
  • Closer Targets (Boundary): 5 points for each accurate throw, with a total of 3 attempts.
  • Farther Targets (Field): 10 points for each accurate throw, with a total of 3 attempts.
  • Bonus: An additional 5 bonus points for hitting all six targets accurately.
  • Maximum Points: A quarterback can earn up to 50 points in total (15 points from the Boundary side, 30 points from the Field side, plus 5 bonus points).
  • Rules:
  • Attempts: Each quarterback will have a total of 6 attempts – three targeting the shorter (Boundary) side and three targeting the farther (Field) side.
  • Throwing Line: Participants must release the ball from behind the designated throwing line.
  • Time Limit: Each throw must be completed within a set time limit, ensuring a prompt pace.
  • Target Specifications: Targets will be clearly marked and sized appropriately for the age and skill level of the participants.

Importance of Accuracy in Football:

  • Key to Successful Offense: Accurate passing is vital for advancing the ball, scoring, and maintaining possession.
  • Reduces Turnovers: Precision in passing minimizes the risk of interceptions and turnovers.
  • Builds Trust with Receivers: Consistent accuracy strengthens the quarterback-receiver connection, leading to more effective offensive plays.