3 Step Drop Game Capital QBs Quarterback Training Ottawa

3-Step Drop Game

The QB 3-Step Game Contest is a pivotal segment in the Commanders Challenge, designed to assess and develop a quarterback’s precision and technique in a more dynamic play scenario. This drill goes beyond static throwing, adding elements of footwork and timing to more closely simulate real-game conditions.

3-Step Drop Game (50 Points Total)

  • Objective: Execute accurate throws to multiple targets after a 3-step drop.
  • Method: Participants will perform a 3-step drop from under center or a shotgun start position, targeting two sets of distances at 10 yards (Boundary) and 15 yards (Field).
  • Scoring System:
  • Closer Targets (Boundary): 5 points for each accurate throw, with a total of 3 attempts.
  • Farther Targets (Field): 10 points for each accurate throw, with a total of 3 attempts.
  • Bonus: An additional 5 bonus points for hitting all six targets accurately.
  • Maximum Points: Participants can earn up to 50 points in total (15 points from Boundary throws, 30 points from Field throws, plus 5 bonus points).
  • Rules:
  • Drop Technique: Quarterbacks must execute a clean 3-step drop or simulated shotgun start before each throw.
  • Time Limit: 60 seconds total for all six throws.
  • Attempts: Each quarterback will have 6 attempts – three at the Boundary targets and three at the Field targets.
  • Judging: Judges will ensure accuracy of each throw and proper execution of the 3-step drop.

This challenge not only assesses the quarterbacks’ accuracy but also their ability to maintain composure and technique under a time constraint. The extended time limit allows participants to focus on the quality of their throws, aligning with the challenge’s objective to test precise and efficient quarterback play.