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Building a Future for Girls’ Flag Football: Join the Capital QB’s Waiting List Today!

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At Capital QB’s, we believe in providing a platform for every aspiring athlete, and we’re excited to announce our plans to introduce girls’ flag football training in the upcoming winter/spring season of 2024. Our mission has always been to foster talent, dedication, and passion for the game, regardless of gender. However, to bring this vision to life, we need your support.

Understanding the Situation:

Renting a gym, especially during the peak winter and spring seasons, comes with a hefty price tag. To ensure we can provide the best training environment for our athletes, we must secure a space that’s not only safe and conducive for learning but also cost-effective.

Our Plan:

In order to rent a gym and offer top-notch training sessions, we need a commitment from our community. We’re currently building a waiting list for our girls’ flag football training program. Once we have a minimum of 6 dedicated girls on our list, we’ll be in a position to secure a gym. This approach ensures that:

  1. We can confidently commit to gym rental without incurring unsustainable costs.
  2. Every girl on the waiting list receives ample attention and coaching during sessions, maintaining our commitment to quality training.

A Call to Parents:

Parents, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for your children. By signing up for our waiting list, you’re not just securing a spot for training; you’re showing support for a program dedicated to fostering girls’ interest in flag football. Your commitment today will pave the way for countless training sessions and the growth of girls’ flag football in our community.

Join Us in Building a Bright Future:

Let’s come together to make this vision a reality. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our girls’ flag football training program, please join our waiting list. Once we reach our target of 6 girls, we will promptly move forward with securing a gym and kickstarting the training sessions.

We appreciate your understanding and patience. Together, we can create a space where every aspiring flag football player has a place to shine.

For more information or to join the waiting list, please contact us at [Capital QB’s Contact Details].

Thank you for being an integral part of the Capital QB’s family!

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